HSH 126: Automate, Systemitize & Processize Your Way to Success with Rachel McMichael


Our guest today is Rachel McMichael, who helps entrepreneurs get clear on their systems and processes so they can outsource more effectively, get more done and increase productivity. The strategies Rachel reveals can help you start scaling your business, without sacrificing time with family or your sanity, so let’s get started!  


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Rachel says that although a lot of people teach how to automate business, she is different in that the way she does it actually automates both your business and your life. To her, it’s really about finding what works for you versus what others are saying that you should be doing.  

Three years ago Rachel moved from helping online personal trainers and health and wellness coaches because she didn’t want to just help clients in one niche. She has spent the last year perfecting the processes and systems in her own businesses, and now she teaches others what she has learned during this time.  

Rachel recommends starting by looking for things that we do all the time in our businesses that we can attach a process to. We then can figure out if there’s a way to simplify and automate these tasks.  

Automation creates space for us to develop important connections and relationships in business, and just as importantly, with family and loved ones.  

She notes that you have to be ready before you outsource, by knowing your processes and systems so that you can teach someone else to do them. A lot of people outsource so they don’t have to take responsibility for the outcome, and that’s a dangerous game to play.  

Rachel adds that it’s not just enough to generate big revenues. You need to be profitable!  


It’s better to scale your automation over time, so that way you can make sure that things are working. When we delegate slowly, we’re able to delegate successfully.  

Her recommended steps to take are to identify what you want your ideal day and business to look like, and then breakdown the most important pieces of the business to get there. After creating processes around in part, you can then automate and scale!  

Remember, you’ll want to have processes and systems in place so you can ultimately remove yourself from the parts of your business that you don’t need to be in, and that aren’t generating revenue. By doing this, you can then focus on those high-impact activities that matter the most for you to do!  



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