HSH 125: The Story of a Million Dollar Course with Jamie Dana


Today’s story is a special one, as I’m speaking with a client of mine who’s generated over $1 million in sales of her course – in a niche industry! Want to hear how she’s done it, and the mindset shifts she needed to do so? You’re in luck, as it’s all in this episode of The Heart, Soul & Hustle Podcast!  


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Jamie has been in the hair styling industry for about 10 years now, but she wanted to create a passive income and not just work behind the chair. She got into the online space and decided to create a course for other hairstylist, even transitioning to working in her salon part-time. As a result, her first launch earned about $17,000 in revenue, including $8,000 from her very first webinar selling her course.  

Knowing that she wanted to level up, Jamie started working with mentors and then went “all in”, and she decided to step away from working directly in the salon with clients. Doing this helped her pursue her calling to help more hair stylists grow their businesses.  

As a result, her Instagram following now tops 143,000, her YouTube subscribers number over 80,000, and online course has hit over $1.2 million in sales!  

Jamie’s goal was to be an educator and be known in the industry, and she’s been able to do this by creating a really strong connection with her audience.  

From the beginning, in order to stand out Jamie had to do something different than others in her industry were doing. So instead of teaching just hair techniques, she focused on teaching business education, as she saw a big need for this.  


Niching down and focusing on one course, to teach hair stylists how to grow their businesses using Instagram, has been a big key to her success.  

Another key has been knowing her numbers for each of her launches, and by knowing what is working, Jamie can just keep doing those things to make it better. She says that if you’re not tracking your numbers, there’s no way you’re going to make progress.  

Jamie doesn’t just set launch goals though, she’s very particular about meeting her KPIs, or key performance indicators.  

The biggest mindset shifts she has made has been to trust the progress, and to prioritize community over completion, because there is room for everyone to succeed!  

Jamie’s advice to others is to connect with their audiences and to figure out a way to deep dive with them on a personal level. Social media platforms will change, so stop trying to just get more likes and followers, and focus on the people who have already taken their time to be with you.  


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