HSH 120: What’s Up With Facebook Ads in 2019 with Amanda Bond


I’m excited to be bringing you the first of a new series I’m calling Conversations with CEOs, and my first guest is the incredible marketer and Facebook advertiser Amanda Bond. You’ll hear us casually discuss how to know when you’re ready to run Facebook ads, the way to do it successfully, and how to avoid the common traps that are so common these days in the online space. Facebook ads can still be a great tool for you business, but you have to re-frame the way you think of them, and Bond is just the person to show you how!  


The trends for Facebook advertising have drastically changed in the last few years, and the cost is starting to price people out of the market, as there are many more advertisers on the platform.  

Ads are conceptually simple to set up, which is bringing a lot of advertising onto Facebook, and the people who can spend more to acquire a customer are winning.  

For this reason, Bond says we have to go back to basics, because you can lose A LOT of money if you don’t have a solid foundation in place for your business. She’s been relentless in optimizing her own sales processes, at each step of the funnel, and she recommends other online marketers do the same.  

You have to really know your numbers, build the strength of your team, and have cash available for when ad costs go up.  

She thinks that people are buying into the “launch culture” that currently exists and looking for that big windfall of revenue, without having to put money away. Evergreen systems are more important than ever now in order to build a sustainable online business.  

Marketers should be focusing on organic means to connect and engage with their audiences, which is what she is doing to promote her own program. Then you can move on to using a small budget for Facebook ads to see what’s working and what isn’t, and use the ads to amplify what’s been successful.  

We are all human and it’s natural to be nervous when paying for ads, or hiring employees and moving to a large office like she is currently doing. 

We’re moving towards an age where we’re marketing to humans, and not just looking at webinar registrants as numbers. It’s much cheaper to keep a customer than have to acquire a new one, so look after each person you bring into your world!  

We also need to talk about the transformation our work is creating, while not forgetting our own personal development and self-growth in the process

Your business will evolve, and whether or not you have the perfect product or business, just keep showing up every single day with the intent to serve and help others. Give yourself patience and grace, because you’re exactly where you need to be in your business right now and nobody builds a 7-figure business overnight.  


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