HSH 127: The Importance of Self Care & Vibrational Alignment with Emily Aarons


Today’s episode is a little different than what we usually talk about on this podcast, but it’s a good one. My friend Emily Aarons is an energy healer who is amazing at getting to the core of what it really means to get into alignment. I encourage you to have an open mind with this one, because learning and having an open mind to concepts like the ones Emily shares here is the key to achieving success in business!  

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Emily has been an energy healer for about 20 years now, originally with a brick and mortar space where she worked with clients in person. She says for a long time she was broke and undervaluing her time, so three years ago she realized she needed to move her business to the online space.  

Everything is energy, so she doesn’t have to physically touch people to move the energy within their bodies. Emily realized that she could help a lot more people by doing her work remotely, and in fact, the first year she moved her business online she 10 x’d her business!  

She has found her true niche in working with entrepreneurs who feel stuck in their businesses. She does this by helping them release the blocks that are holding them back, so that they can move forward faster by being in alignment.  

Recently when Emily checked her own alignment around a program launch it felt heavy, so she gave herself permission to move the date back and it was like a tremendous weight was lifted off of her.  

A lot of entrepreneurs are focusing on money, but it’s really about giving ourselves the space to get the insight into what our bodies and energies are telling us.  

Having the wrong energy, like what happens when we push and hustle too much, actually repels clients from us. Business can feel easy, fun and it can light you up!  

Emily explains that if you have a thought, it means it’s already done and has happened. She knows that in order for the thought to become a reality, she needs to work on who she needs to be and what she needs to do.  

Confidence in business is so important, but what’s underneath confidence is your energetic alignment.  

Emily has gratitude for what she has, and the possibilities for her life. She realizes that everything she wants to happen is going to, but it just might take more time or energy than she expected. To stay in alignment, she looks for daily “breadcrumbs,” or validation.  

Money is just another form of energy, but a lot of people get caught up in the stories of what they make money mean to them. To create space for more abundance in your life, donate! The more you can give, the more you’ll have space to receive.  


By sharing your excitement with someone at the same frequency, the energy doubles. This is why Facebook communities work so well, because we naturally want to share our joy and excitement with others.  

Emily calls the people she is here to work with “light workers,” because they are here to shine their light so that other people can then share theirs.  

To be more high energy in our lives, she says it’s about creating that state, or that place where you can give yourself pause to choose your thoughts.  



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