HSH 113: Behind the Scenes of Our Black Friday Promotion

On today’s episode we’re debriefing our recent Black Friday Sale. I’ll be revealing what worked, what didn’t and how you can leverage this type of promotion in your business too!  

We take a slightly different approach to Black Friday, because we don’t like putting things on sale. This is especially true for our core products, as people will begin to expect discounts and we don’t want to diminish their value.  


After seeing other online marketers do it, we fell in love with the idea of a Black Friday Workshop. With this concept, rather than discounting products for Black Friday, we did a paid masterclass and sell tickets to what is a webinar. This webinar has a product for sale at the end, and people are much more likely to buy because they’ve already paid to become a customer. 

Going into the promotion, we set a goal of $5,000 in sales, and we wanted something that wouldn’t take a lot of our time.  

We started posting on my Facebook page and asked if people would be interested, in order to validate the idea.  

We then put up a quick sales page and checkout page using Leadpages and  SamCart. We got our first sale within about 10 minutes of posting, which provided validation.  

Using ManyChat we then did a blast to our Facebook Messenger list of about 1,700 people, which resulted in about 30 to 40 sales within 24 hours.  

We had scheduled 5 emails to go out and invite people to join the masterclass, and as we started to get traction with the offer, we upgrade the sales page.  

About halfway through the promotion, we decided to cap it at 200 tickets in order to use more scarcity. We sold all 200 spots after only 4 emails, and along with a second Messenger blast, we now had 205 spots sold (we had allowed 5 extra people in).  

The 205 sales gave us about $2,000 in revenue just to host the webinar, and then on the webinar we sold our “100:10:1” system. Using PowerPoint presentation with about 30 slides and my iPad Pro and pencil, we were able to whiteboard 70% of the class and create the majority of the content in real time.  

I then took 6 modules out of my membership and packaged them together to sell for $199, offering everyone on the webinar a $50 discount to purchase for Cyber Monday.  

These actions resulted in 13 sales live on the webinar, for a 12% conversion rate, along with 6 additional sales during the follow-up, with one of those being at the full price of $199.  

The 19 sales of the next level product from the 2016 people that purchased the masterclass was a 9.2% conversion rate, and led to just over $5,000 in revenue for only about 7 hours of work!  

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