HSH 114: 0 to $9,500 With a Small Audience 


On today’s episode I’ll be sharing a strategy I used with a friend to help her launch a digital product with a small list, but a great offer! 

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To launch we decided to do things a bit differently and host a paid webinar, or master class. Using ClickFunnels we set up a sales page where people could register and pay $10 to attend it.  

The first step was to come up with a title that was related to my friend’s paid product, which was a high-performing sales call script and system.  


Next we set up ClickFunnels and I had her record a 2-minute video about what she would be teaching on the master class and why people should register for it. More importantly, she talked about who it was for, and who it wasn’t for.  


We started promoting the paid master class on social media, but didn’t email her list or run any paid ads at this point. We wanted to see what kind of engagement would we get on social media first, and there was enough interest as we made about 10 to 15 sales organically (before we emailed her subscribers or did any paid marketing).  


Next she created an amazing 20-page freebie, and once people registered to receive it on the Thank You page, we invited them to the master class. So essentially the master class sales page became the Thank You page for the free .pdf opt-in (we did end up sending an invite for the freebie to her existing email list of about 1,000 subscribers, but no one from there signed up). 


Next we turned on Facebook ads for the freebie. First we did this for a Facebook Live, but we didn’t do as well as we’d like there and spent $60 to only get one paid sign-up ($10) for the master class. For our other two ads we spent about $215 and generated 12 sales of the master class ($120). Technically we only made about 50 cents on every ad dollar spent, but you have to remember that this was just the front end and we did add about 50 people to her email list using ads. With the ads and the organic promotion efforts we did make $580 (58 X $10) though. 


Her total expenses for the master class included $99 for ClickFunnels, $450 for a one-year subscription to Teachable to host her courses, $125 for ActiveCampaign, $40 for Zoom Webinar and a designer was paid $1,300 (plus another $500-$700 to follow) to create the freebie and course materials.  


My friend sold $4,976 of her $997 product (or $397 X 3 payments), with 3 sales coming from the webinar and 5 sales on the follow-up. An additional $2,000 this month and $2,000 next month will be coming for payments.  


With 58 people attending the master class, and 8 sales made, we had a conversation rate of about 13%, which is really good.  

A few things to remember are that my friend is a sales specialist who knows who to sell on a webinar and the people who attended were already qualified customers because they paid to attend the webinar. 

Also, you could save money on software and also by designing your own materials using something like Canva to cut costs. Excluding design costs and payment processing fees, our expenses were just under $1,000. We didn’t even use a sales page for this project, using just a checkout page with a free trial from SamCart! 



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