HSH 081: 4 Messenger Bot Strategies to Increase Engagement, Leads and Sales

HSH 081: 4 Messenger Bot Strategies to Increase Engagement, Leads and Sales – Show Notes  

On today’s episode we’re talking about very real ways you can use Facebook Messenger Bots to get results for your business, in a very tangible way!  

We have a relatively small, but mighty, Facebook list where 70-90% of people are opening our messages – and 15 – 25% clicking through! As a disclaimer, this is an awesome strategy to use, but not a replacement for email marketing.  

4 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger Bots:

1. To drive traffic to free content  

One of the best ways to make money in your business is to really focus on creating massive value for people. Facebook Bots will allow you to do this, and free content builds trust, authority and a result, traffic. Plus, I’m building my audience for future Facebook ads!  

2.  For pop-up promotions and fast-acting sales  

We recently did a beta test where we sold a $97 webinar leading to a $1,000 program. We achieved great results selling the webinar with Facebook Messenger Bots. You do have to get permission from people for engagement first, before sending a link out.  

3. Moving people to a launch list  

Bot are an incredibly valuable tool for doing this, as they drive the most engagement. Bots will allow you to take the engagement you’re getting and turn it up to 11! By leveraging them, we found that our engagement went from 50 to 100% more, with the exact same number of people.  

4. To drive people to a Facebook Live

I first schedule my Facebook Lives in advance and email my list, inviting them to join. After the broadcast, you are able to then send them a Facebook message as a follow-up with the warmest leads.  

Remember that you can always stack Facebook Messenger Bots on to your existing online marketing strategies, with just 5 to 10 minutes of your time! Next week on the podcast we’ll be looking at a cool, nimble launch where we leveraged the bot strategies talked about today. If you like this episode, you’ll love the next one!  


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