HSH 065: 5 Messenger Bot Strategies You Can Implement To Build Your Business

As a follow-up to last week’s introductory episode, today I’m sharing five specific strategies around Facebook Messenger automation that you can implement in your business to generate more subscribers, more sales, and more growth!  

1. Fan to Fanatic Automation Message  

If you have an existing audience already, regardless of size, it will help you with this first strategy. Here we’re letting people in our audience know that we have a new communication avenue available to them. 

Clients want a higher feeling of connection and more resources, so what we’re doing for the people that sign up to our Facebook Messenger list is asking what they’re working on, and then giving a free resource based on their needs. It could be anything from help needed with their Facebook ads to list building, but the key thing is you’re giving them more value. 

2. The Funnel Follower  

This is a more advanced bot that is used on any part of the funnel where people opt-in to a freebie. You can ask them to sign up for Facebook Messenger updates that check in on them on a daily basis, but isn’t aggressive and gives them the ability to opt-out at any point. This brings a human element into our funnel, even though it’s automated!  

3. Website Slide-In (using ManyChat)  

This strategy is simple to set up but can give amazing results (and for that reason, it is probably my favorite on this list). Using a slide in the message, about 5% visitors to my site are signing up to my Facebook Messenger list. If you’re driving people to your website, you might as well give them the opportunity to connect with you at a deeper level, on another platform!  

4. The Expert Diagnosis Automation Message

Asking your audience about their business, diagnosing the problem and providing solutions will allow you to stand out. People love anything interactive and this strategy gives you the opportunity to show you’re an expert – which makes it easy for people to opt-in to your content, as really qualified leads!  

5. The Quick Builder  

This basically uses a Facebook post that is a used to drive engagement, generate curiosity on the post and again, highlight your expertise. When people comment with a guess to your question, you’re replying that you’ll be messaging them with the answer. To really make this one work though, I recommend running it as an ad to your warm market and putting some money behind it.  

As you can see, there are many effective strategies that you can use around Facebook Messenger automation, but what I shared today isn’t just theory. I’m actually using these techniques in my own business and generating great results!  


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