HSH 067: The Quick & Dirty Launch Strategy 2.0

In this episode, I’m walking you through a quick and dirty launch that I did to raise some money for a charity, and explain how it all worked. If you’re listening and ready to create waves, get results and generate revenue while getting experience with launching, you’ll enjoy this episode of the podcast.

I had been getting requests to teach about Facebook Messenger Bots, so I used this opportunity to do it while raising money for charity. I did this by offering a 4-hour implementation workshop on bots and sold it for $97, with the price increasing to $197 after the class started. We generated about $7,400 in sales (with over $6,500 being profit) and donated $3,000 to The Trevor Project. Here are the steps you can take to do something similar: 

1. Determine if there is an interest in what you’re selling  

A lower price point like the one I used lets you test out the marketplace to see if people are even going to buy what you’re selling!  

2. Ask your audience what they want  

In this case, I asked my audience where they were struggling with when it comes to bots, and I was then able to use the information for the next step.  

3. Create the content (and tie it into action) 

The free content I created was two podcasts, along with two free webinars. By putting free content in front of people first, they’ll be excited when presented the opportunity to purchase your paid content. The free content resulted in 300 people registering for the training, with minimal promotion. Remember that people are hungry for processes, systems, and action – not just more content to consume.  

As always, we followed up by sending emails to people that attended the webinar but didn’t purchase. We also emailed our whole list with a replay of the webinar and link they could visit if they wanted more, but it was more of a soft sell. Everyone that clicked on the replay or sales page was then moved to our follow-up sequence for the webinar.  

By the end of June, we sold about 69 spots to the class and turned the live class into an actual 4-hour course with a complete product, implementation workbook, Q & A and more.  

To increase our results, we did a few additional things, like offering an upsell of a slight discount on one of my paid products (Facebook ads), and we leveraged replies to our Facebook Bots to create some of the content. We also used the bots to invite people to the live training and to remind by following up. Finally, we used Facebook ads to engage with our audience that watched our Facebook Live videos at some point. We know that when people engage with our content, they’re more likely to buy our products. 

Whether you have a big or small team, this quick and dirty launch strategy (version 2.0) can be implemented easily and still be very effective. It’s a way to validate your idea with the best way I know how to – payments! By pricing the product reasonably and building it based on your audience and note your knowledge, you’ll have the greatest chance of success!  



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