HSH 133: Are You Ready to Hire An FB Ads Agency?

At the time of this episode’s release, I've just attended 2 signature events hosted by my biggest mentors - Amy Porterfield and James Wedmore - who have inspired me to show up and play a bigger game more than ever before.

That's why I’m coming to you today to reveal some behind the scenes changes we've made here over at Heart, Soul & Hustle. In particular, the underground pivot we've made to go from offering online courses to offering intimate 1-1 services as a Facebook Ads Agency.

And as I tell you more about this transition in the business, I also want to share with you the 4 key indicators you must know before hiring out ads in your business too.

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The common theme I found at Amy and James’ events was all about showing up and playing a bigger game in our business, and forecasting the actions we’re willing to take if we have 10x more confidence and courage.

And for me, it’s announcing the behind the scenes of why we transitioned here at Heart, Soul & Hustle to a Facebook Ads Agency over the last 12 months. Also… why I haven’t been fully showing up for my audience due to an internal struggle over this transition.

What I’ve found by working with many entrepreneurs, is that when we experience our internal struggles, we often project this confusion onto our audience without realizing it. And while I sent an announcement email to my list and posted here and there on social media about this transition, I never really went all in for it— until today.

That’s why in this episode, I wanted to not only make this announcement but also to share how this new transition can better serve you in your business.

And so, here are the 4 indicators to know if you’re ready to hire a Facebook Ads Agency:

  1. Have a Proven Product

Facebook Ads are like fuel to an already existing fire, and they accelerate the growth of what you already have. 

“You cannot pour gasoline on just a spark.”

2) You’ve done it yourself already, or you’ve educated yourself on the fundamentals of Facebook Ads
In order to fully engage and have highly strategic conversations with your ads manager, you MUST know what you’re talking about in order for them to do their best work. 

While we’re told to outsource in order to stay in our zone of genius - there’s a time and place for that. And just know that outsourcing is not about giving your power away to someone else - it's about empowering someone to make decisions and take action with you.

3) Your ads budget cannot exceed the budget for your management fee

We often want to outsource so much, that the person we hire might be even more expensive than the amount of money to work with to get the results you want!

My friend said it best that: “If your management fee matches your ads budget, you’re essentially doubling your cost per lead.”

4) Have Goals and Emotional Detachment 

Please know that I mean this with the utmost love when I say this.

It’s so important to understand your cost per lead, earnings per lead and having an actual GOAL for your advertising. Without this knowledge, you won’t truly be able to understand the ROI that Facebook Ads can provide for your business.

Without this understanding, then it also makes it more difficult for you to let go of the outcome as well if you’re placing all your eggs in this basket of Facebook Ads.

And, there we have it my friend! 

I hope that these 4 key indicators have given you the insight you needed in order to know if Facebook Ads are your ideal next step for your business.

If you feel that it could be, myself and my team here at Heart, Soul and Hustle would love to connect and see if we might be able to serve you on this area of your entrepreneurial journey. 

Either fill out an applicable here at HeartSoulHustle.com, or drop me a DM on Instagram so we can start a conversation with you. 

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