HSH 134: Behind the Scenes of Facebook Ads Management & Launching with Kathleen LeGrys & Karen Pattock

Today’s episode is a little different than what I usually do on the podcast, but I’m so excited to dive in with my two guests Kathleen LeGrys and Karen Pattock, as we go behind the scenes of their Facebook Ads management for their most recent membership site launch - the Wellness Business Insiders Club!

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What I love about this conversation is that we really dive into the good, bad, ugly, and great with their membership site launch - so prepare to hear the nitty gritty of the numbers! 

And even more so, what I loved about working with these two ladies for their Facebook Ads management, is that they came in with respectable expectations of the ROI of implementing paid advertising into their launch. 

But before we dive into their launch strategy, I loved hearing how they joined forces for this membership site as they both have their own respective businesses.

Kathleen helps health coaches by providing them with the tools and resources they need to have a thriving business and help their clients get the best results.

Karen teaches her clients the most effective methods to turn their coaching practice into a profitable business by consistently attracting their ideal clients.

So it made total sense for them to band together for their Wellness Business Podcast. And through their collaboration, they found themselves scribbling down on a dinner napkin at a restaurant one night to create their first membership site experience. 

This was the catalyst for them to create the Wellness Business Insiders Club - their monthly membership to help their clients with a monthly action plan to attract and gain new clients in their business through step by step implementation, resources, scripts and templates. 

When they came to work with us at Heart, Soul & Hustle for their Facebook Ads management needs, they brought to the table a ready-tested offer - which was key in order to effectively scale.

Even though they were quite new to Facebook Ads, by having thorough communication and setting expectations from the start, we worked hand in hand for their most recent launch which more than covered their ad expenses as they nearly doubled their return on investment!

In this interview, we go deep into what the numbers were in their launch, and what it meant for their business overall— so be sure to tune in for the details!


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The Wellness Business Podcast: www.WBPodcast.com  

Kathleen’s Website: https://www.healthcoachsolutions.net/

Kathleen’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kathleenlegrys/

Karen’s Website: https://www.karenpattock.com/

Karen’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karenpattock/

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