HSH 132: Creating with Courage with Mai-kee Tsang

Would you like to know what makes you uniquely credible as an expert in your field? While there is a place for your products, services, branding, graphics, messaging, and so much more… 

...it’s your courage to fully show up for the audience you serve that matters most. 

That's why I’ve invited on my new friend, Mai-kee Tsang, onto the HSH podcast today to talk about her 5 stage ascension framework centred around courage, and how this truly impacts our bottom line in our businesses.

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As a Launch Strategist and Conversion Copywriter, Mai-kee has been at the front lines of successful live launches. Even though a handful of her clients were in pretty competitive markets (personal development anyone?), she saw first hand the role that courage played in their success - and how it can become a role in your own success too.

She walks us through her “Convert with Courage Scale” which consists of 5 progressional stages:

Stage 1: The Couch Potato

Stage 2: The Conscious Copycat

Stage 3: The Curator/Collaborator

Stage 4: The Creator

Stage 5: The Changemaker

In order to progress further up the scale, we first need to look at the difference between regurgitating information vs repurposing information.

Regurgitation requires little to no effort or creativity, and often contributes to the white noise of information out there. 

Whereas repurposing allows us to repackage our understanding of an already existing idea, method or concept. This does require creativity drawn from a unique source within yourself - which can only be accessed if you have the courage to explore within yourself of what makes you truly you. 

And the tangible action step she shares at the end of this episode to get started with this inner exploration, is an exercise called: “The 10 Why’s” - and how powerful it can be when you go layers and layers beneath your usual level of consciousness. 

Once you discover this about yourself, then you’ll truly be able to create from a place of courage to serve your audience in a way that they can’t find elsewhere. 


Website: www.MaikeeTsang.com

Podcast: www.MaikeeTsang.com/Podcast

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