HSH 131: The Truth About Productivity with Jo Bendle

Have you tried nearly everything to become more productive in your life— only to find that writing your “Big 3” goals of the day, using the pomodoro method, or writing yet another checklist can only take your productivity so far?

Well, I’m pleased to introduce you to Jo Bendle, who is our guest on the HSH podcast this week! She helps entrepreneurs to reclaim their time to live the lives they were meant to, and she best serves her audience through her membership site, masterminds, and VIP days. 

I first met Jo when we were both invited to speak at Tash Corbin’s Heart Centred Business Conference (HSH episode #130), and when I heard her speak about approaching productivity from both a masculine and feminine point of view, I knew she was the go-to person to walk us through this productivity rut which most of us entrepreneurs find ourselves in.

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Even though Jo is talking about productivity, she doesn’t refer to herself as a productivity coach, and here’s why…

Productivity is more than the checklists, timers, and planners to “get more done in less time” - it’s a matter of reclaiming your time in a way that feels purposeful to you. And the reason why most traditional productivity hacks tend to fall flat - or worse, lead to burnout - is because we’re often only taught the “masculine” aspects of productivity with the structure and routine on the outside. 

The true answers behind our productivity become clear as we embrace the feminine side of the matter, which encourages us to look inside ourselves. 

Asking the simple, yet profound question: “What’s holding me back?” will often bring you more clarity than simply taking action on the task at hand. 

Have you ever made a goal for your business, only to feel an unexplained emptiness after reaching it? I personally felt this way when I was in the early stages of my business aiming to reach my first 6 figures. An exciting milestone right? Well… not quite. When I met that goal, I realised that I was going after what I thought I should be aiming for. Can you relate to this? 

Thankfully, in this episode Jo walks us through a powerful exercises of hers which she calls: “The Inner Mentor”. I won’t spoil all the details here, but let’s just say that by doing this? You’ll be able to clearly picture the future you who has accomplished the goals you actually want to achieve, so that you can take those insights with you and apply them where you’re at today. 

Remember, in order to be productive you don’t need to have the complete roadmap. Instead, with the understanding that action breeds clarity on your journey, you only need the first step to get started. 


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