HSH 130: Using Live Events to Grow Your Online Business with Tash Corbin

Have you ever envisioned running a live event to grow your income and impact for your business? Well, you’re in luck because in this episode, I’m chatting with Tash Corbin who is a Heart-Centred Business Strategist, and the founder of the Heart-Centred Business Conference.

And while Tash focuses on serving a female audience, this episode will still apply to you as our conversation will open your eyes to what it truly takes to make a big impact on your audience through live events.

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When Tash decided to take the leap and leave her corporate job to start her business in 2013, she knew she had to incorporate live events into her plans to meet and connect with fellow entrepreneurs. (Can you tell she’s an extrovert?) It was due to her love of live events, she started having this secret dream to eventually run her own event for women in business.

Unlike most events in the industry where the goal was to give 2 nuggets of value and then pitch an offer where the audience would have to run to the back of the room— very early on, Tash knew she wanted to create a different type of event. One where there would be a “no-selling-from-the-stage” rule, so that her attendees could really show up for themselves to connect with the others around them. 

Despite the majority of live events make a profit from selling on stage, Tash knew that the core goal for her event wasn’t for the same reason. In 2017, she ran the first Heart-Centred Business Conference.

In this episode, not only does she share what it really takes to run a conference behind the scenes, but also how she managed to organically grow her community of heart-centred women entrepreneurs to over 12,000+ before running the first one. 

Her success with the Heart-Centred Business Conference continues to grow as it’s become an annual event, and she attributes her success to the quote:

“A rising tide lifts all ships”


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