HSH 128: How to Streamline and Focus Your Business for Success with Amy Porterfield


Today is a special episode, because I’m chatting with the one and only Amy Porterfield! Amy teaches budding entrepreneurs how to grow their email list and then create and launch digital courses with webinars. She has killed the game of online marketing by staying very focused and consistent, and in this episode you’ll hear how she’s been able to streamline her business by not having a million offers, yet making millions of dollars!  


Want to start growing your email list today? You can register for Amy’s free masterclass at http://amyporterfield.com/listbuilding!  


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Amy’s business model is very simple, and she only teaches what she knows works from her own business. Since starting in the online space 10 years ago, she noticed that those people who were very successful in the long run had very few offers in their businesses.  

She now has just two products for sale, consisting of an introductory course on list building and her signature offering on course creating and launching. If you go all in with just one or two offers like Amy has, you can grow your business so much faster!  

For a few years now Amy has been teaching a concept she calls “staying horizontal,” as opposed to “going vertical.” By doing this you launch and then fix or tweak the webinar, growing your list in the meantime, and then launch it again. You can also use an evergreen webinar, but the important thing is to continue to make it better.  

She recommends doing this process for at least 18 months, and during this time you’ll become a better marketer and achieve mastery on that one product, instead of constantly chasing new ideas.  

Getting rid of what no longer brings you joy in your business is important, because as course creators if something isn’t lighting us up, we’ll never put our whole heart into it.  

Amy combined her program on courses and her program on webinars to make her signature course, upping the price in the process. Having less courses freed her up and she can now breathe easier, as well as allowing her to support her students in a better way.  


She recently knew it was time to add something to the mix and decided to invite her course students to be members of her new membership site, in order to continue the conversation. Amy feels a membership site is an easy sell, and you’re not “reinventing the wheel” and starting from scratch.  

Amy believes it’s important to grow and be stimulated, while staying in your lane. It’s ok to pivot though, as she used to be very well known for teaching Facebook ads when she first started.  

When your audience and list is growing, everything is easier. Always be list building, because when your list is growing, you will always be able to make money.  

Amy feels there’s power in live launching products, but it does take a lot of energy to do this. This is why she is a fan of having an evergreen webinar funnel running in the background also.  

In order to grow your list daily, Amy recommends running Facebook ads to an opt-in page for your lead magnet. If you don’t have the funds for ads you can still grow your list by talking about your lead magnet everywhere.  

Remember, business doesn’t have to be hard, and as Amy proves, it can be simple. When we keep things simple, that’s when it can be fun!  



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