HSH 129: The Power of Affiliate Marketing For Your Digital Business with Jill Stanton


How would you like to get paid for promoting things that you use and love? The amazing Jill Stanton of Screw The Nine To Five is here to reveal how they use affiliate marketing in their business to serve their audience, and generate massive results at the same time!  If you’ve ever thought of doing affiliate marketing, this episode will open your eyes to how it can be light, easy and fun


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Jill and her husband Josh used to offer courses, memberships and live events to their customers, but they pivoted their business in 2018 and now actually sell nothing. They made this move when they realized that affiliate marketing could serve their brand and customers in all the ways that they wanted. 

Everything they now promote to their audience is what they use or believe in. To do this they create product reviews and other content about it, and if a visitor chooses to join through their affiliate link, Josh and Jill get paid a commission. 

She shares that they use a three-tier process, with the first step being passive and done through organic promotion on Google and SEO. The second piece she refers to as “strategic partnerships”, where they send out emails and do social media posts, Instagram Stories, and/or podcasts to promote a product or service. The third tier is joint venture launches, where they promote other peoples’ launches and offer “killer bonuses”, creating an experience for the customer. 

Jill stresses that you can start small with affiliate marketing, by setting up a page highlighting the tools you use in your business, talking about things on social media, or adding links in your email autoresponder. 

There are so many ways to integrate affiliate marketing in a way that is very high touch, customized to you and your audience and won’t make you feel like you’re always selling. You’re just suggesting helpful people, products, programs and services to your audience. The best thing about this is that you don’t need to attract new audiences and there’s no fulfillment required by you. 

Remember that when it comes to affiliate marketing, trust is your biggest currency, and integrity is what gets you that affiliate payment! 










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