HSH 122: Creating a Leveraged Business Model with James Schramko


Are you looking for a way to buy back time, work even less and make an amazing income in the process? Today’s guest James Schramko has done just that over the past decade as an online entrepreneur, as the founder of Super Fast Business. With this business he operates a membership site, hosts live events and a high-level mastermind and coaching program to help business owners create their ideal businesses.  

In this episode you’re gong to hear how James has been able to focus on his business for over 10 years now, the way he creates consistent content for it, and how as he’s been able to generate a tremendous amount of profit, without having to work 24/7. 

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James brings real world experience from his previous career as the general manager of a luxury car dealership, where he learned of business strategies that could be applicable to online businesses.  

His membership site originally started as a bonus that he offered to people that purchased a program through him, and he’s been consistently building it over the past decade since.  

James started sharing his message by speaking on other platforms, and then began running his own events as well to grow his membership. He got into podcasting years ago, and he has published over 1,000 episodes on multiple shows, as well as releasing over 300 live videos a year to his audience. 

This organic marketing has allowed him to keep his membership at the optimal number of members that he is comfortable with, that allows him to serve his community by working only 30 to 60 minutes a day. He believes it’s absolutely possible to get solid results without paid traffic, as he is seeing from the free social media videos that he does. 

You don’t need expensive equipment to do your own videos, and James shares that he shoots his videos in just one take, without a script, on his iPhone. LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are the platforms that he resonates the most with for video sharing, although he also publishes them on YouTube and Twitter.  

He recommends that you get to know your audience well, and to do this he surveys them from time-to-time and pays attention to the responses received.  

James considers a live event as the best sales funnel you can have for your community, and the baseline by which he measures everything is the value that is received by his customers. Over time, this has allowed James to consistently generate over 7-figures of profit annually.  


A big key is to avoid the need to find new clients by working with the same people over and over again, which has been critical to the success of his business.  

His 3-part “TEA” video strategy has him answering questions from his community, with the “T” being topic, the “E” being explaining, and the “A” as answering the questions they have.  

He reveals that a great team can do a lot of tasks in your business, and it really doesn’t have to cost a lot to have one.  

James now releases two podcasts a week, where he focuses mainly on case studies of people, especially his clients, seeing great results in marketing their own businesses.  

The first step he recommends an entrepreneur take is to do a diagnostic audit of every aspect of your business, while being 100% honest with yourself. Finally, ask yourself if what you’re doing is good for the planet, and general population, and just as important, is it good for you?  




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