HSH 123: The Lost Art of H2H Marketing with Angela Henderson


On this episode, I’m joined by my really good friend Angela Henderson, where we talk about an important concept that we need to look at in 2019 (and beyond)! Angela shares her expertise on “H2H”, or “Human to Human” marketing, and as you’ll hear, it’s all about how we need to get back to the roots of what marketing is really about.  

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Angela is a proud Canadian living in Australia with her two kids and husband. She started her first e-commerce business about 9 years ago, which was a business focusing on childhood memories through play, love and travel. At one point she was offering 1,400 products for sale, and she then became one of Australia’s leading parenting bloggers, working with large International brands. 

She found she was getting approached by people looking for tips and advice on growing and running a business, which led Angela to create her current consulting business. Through this business, her primary aim is to help women in business grow sustainable, profitable businesses by developing the foundational framework that they need and the strategies for future growth and success.  

Angela shares that H2H marketing is all about the experience and interaction a person faces with a particular brand. However, many brands are overlooking this important aspect and focusing too much on just the numbers. She says that you can’t do B2B or B2C really well unless you incorporate H2H marketing.  

She believes if someone is looking to sign up for your VIP program, it’s common courtesy for you to get on the phone with that person to directly answer any questions or concerns he or she may have. Most importantly, conversation is conversion!  

It’s also important to post in your group and to provide value consistently, and not just at launch time. It’s the feeling you give to your audience that will get you the long-term fans and conversions. You don’t have to do all this on your own, and Angela has a community manager to help her look after the members of her Facebook group.  


In H2H marketing you continue to be kind to someone regardless if they are paying you or not. It may be counterintuitive these days, but Angela builds trust and likeability with everyone in her group, and it’s resulted in her being able to fill her VIP programs without spending money on Facebook ads.  

H2H is an ongoing deliverable, and it’s non-negotiable! In order to create a 5-star treatment, it’s not difficult. It’s actually one of the simplest forms of marketing and if you fail to do it, you will lose customers to your competition!  



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