HSH 121: How to Speak & Sell with Colin Boyd


The Conversations with CEOs series continues, and today’s guest is my friend Colin Boyd. Colin will be sharing his expertise on how you actually set up a successful talk that sells, whether you are doing webinars, livestreams or a speaking gig. You can get Colin’s amazing free resource, Sell with Story Guide™, at http://www.sellwithstoryguide.com/ 

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Colin’s obsession with learning to speak and sell from a stage started early on in his entrepreneurial journey. His first speech was in front of 137 people, and he signed up 15 coaching clients from this event. This led to his first paid presentation in front of an audience of over 5,000, which he considers his “intro by fire” to the speaking world.  

Four years ago Colin transitioned into the digital space, selling his products and services online. Shortly after, an opportunity to speak arose in which he sold $125,000 in 30 minutes from stage. 

For Colin, a “stage” is any sort of leveraged communication platform, including webinars and livestreams.  

If you want to be an industry leader, he feels that speaking to your audience is a must. It’s easiest to start livestreaming, but Colin says the live stage the “mecca” of speaking.  

It’s important to do the deep work when you’re just getting started, including coaching clients 1-on-1. This way you can test your methodology, get results and the opportunities to speak will arise when you’re ready.  

It takes more than being a good communicator to master speaking, and there are 6 stages a speaker will progress through. The lowest level is when you focus on yourself, followed by untrained intuition, presentations, stage craft, audience design and purpose.  

The major shifts people need to make is understanding that all speaking is selling, and selling is serving!  

One of the main reasons that people don’t make offers is that they are scared. Colin recommends going back to your story, what you’ve been through, and never lose focus of the value that you can provide to your audience.  


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