HSH 105: 5 Ways to Build Your Email List Without Facebook Ads

You’ve probably heard the phrase that “the money is in the list”, and it’s got you asking how you can build your own email list, beyond just running Facebook ads. In today’s episode I’m sharing 5 strategies that you can start using today to grow that email list – without paid advertising.  


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1. Content upgrades  

A content upgrade is a piece of content that people can opt-in to receive, which enhances their experience with either your blog, your podcast, or your webinar. This works so well because it creates reciprocity when you lead with a ton of value for your audience, and it means that people are choosing to get more value from you.  

2. Be a featured expert on podcasts and summits  

There are literally podcasts and summits in every single industry that are just waiting for you to reach out and ask to take part. Getting yourself featured on someone else’s platform is a really great way to build your list, and all you have to do is ask by opening up a dialogue. The same can apply if there’s a blog you’d like to be a guest contributor for.  

3. Host a “pitch free” workshop or webinar  

On most webinars people are pitching their products or services, but by doing something as subtle as not directly selling anything on yours, you set yourself apart from everybody else in the online space. 

To drive traffic into this training I would promote it organically, but if you’re going to use this strategy you need to treat it just as seriously as a regular launch. I would also use a Facebook Event, but only invite people you think would be interested (and yes, you could use Facebook ads to promote it too).  

4. Add a pop-up feature to your website  

This can be done with many free or inexpensive resources, and the reality is that pop-ups get opt-ins. The data supports this, and a good pop-up can convert 3-5% of the people that visit your website. You can also use this pop-up strategy to promote your content upgrades.  

5. Hosting a free challenge  

Last year I added a couple hundred people to my email list, while growing my Instagram following at the same time, by hosting a 5-day challenge that was a pitch free training. It wasn’t a full blown challenge, and all we did was set up a lead page and post to go out everyday to promote my Instagram, and it got very good results.  

Remember, there are simple yet creative ways that you can add people to your list, and here you have 5 things that you can try in your own business if you’re not quite ready to build your list using Facebook ads!  





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