HSH 106: Building a Listbuilding Machine

Do you want a bigger email list, and you’re looking for a strategy that will help you get there faster? In this episode I’m sharing my framework for how you can create a true listbuilding machine!  

My lead building framework builds email lists by leveraging free content and some Facebook ads. It uses a blog post with a content upgrade that drives people to move forward through your email funnel or to your email list.  

The center of the framework is an in depth, high-quality blog post. It should be something so good that you could have charged for it, but you’re giving it away for free.  

The content upgrade is something you connect to your blog post which people can opt-in for that enhances their experience.  

To drive people to the blog post and get people excited, you can use organic promotion. You shouldn’t overlook the value of this to your audience, as it really is free marketing that you can use to build your email list.  

Another way to drive people to the blog post is to do a short Facebook Live (5 to 10 minutes) that goes in depth on one part of your blog post. If you don’t have a big audience or get a lot of people on your Facebook Lives, it’s ok. You can spend a small amount, maybe $5 to $10 a day) promoting it to cold audiences. You just need to start pushing this content out to enough people so that you can get some traffic to your blog. 

You want to be aiming for a cost per click of under $1, and more importantly, getting people to opt-in for your content for under $2 or $3 each. You can also re-target the people visiting your blog post later, as well as driving people who visited the blog post but didn’t opt-in back to a sign-up page.  

To make this system even more profitable, you can add a tripwire to your opt-in, as well as doing a simple follow-up sequence by email after people opt-in for your free content.  



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