HSH 104: How We Used a Paid Challenge to Generate New Membership Site Sales

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to generate new members into your membership or paid offer? In this episode I’m talking about a mini promotion that I recently ran to get more people into my Monthly Marketing Playbook membership, and I’ll be sharing exactly how I did this and the results that we got.  

When I approached current members and asked them how I could make the membership program better for them, the feedback I received is that they wanted something like a challenge to hold them accountable to implementing some of the content that I’m teaching them.  

I decided that starting July 9th, we’d be running a 5-day challenge on writing your first email sales funnel. I used content already inside of my membership program, in a way that got people excited to take action.  

Current members could take part in the challenge for free, and I offered new people a low-cost, $7 introductory offer in which after the first month, they would be paying $47 per month to be members.  

To promote this offer we tried a couple of things. We ran Facebook ads to people who liked my page, were on my email list or those who had visited my website. We spent about $61 per sign-up, which was a bit too high for my liking. We also tried re-targeting ads to anyone who had visited the sales page, but unfortunately Facebook never really pushed them out and it was only delivered to three of the several hundred people that had visited the page.  

For this promotion, we relied mostly on email marketing to our existing-email list, and I sent out a total of four emails. About 20 people registered from the first email, and we then sent another email out Tuesday to the entire list, followed by two on the Sunday before the promotion ended. The final two emails on Sunday only went to people who opened one of the first two emails, and the results were great. About 50 people signed up in the final 24 hours!  

Our final results were 92 people signing up for the challenge on about $250 in Facebook ads and four emails to our list.  The lesson I want you to take from this is that you should be open to experimenting in your business. So many people are afraid to try new things, but it worked well for our business and can for you too!  

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