HSH 098: What To Do When Your FB Ads Won’t Convert

Facebook ads are affordable and effective when you get them right, but what do you do when they’re not converting? In this episode I’ll walk you through the steps to take to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you, and that the ads you are running get you the best results possible. 

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First, if your ads aren’t being seen make sure that you’re giving Facebook a large enough audience to work with (at least 50,000 people) and that you also give the platform 24 hours to approve your ads.  

You then have to figure out if your ads aren’t being delivered, aren’t being clicked or aren’t converting.  

If they’re not converting, first check your link clickthrough rate. If it’s lower than 1.5%, this could affect the relevance score that Facebook assigns to you, which could result in your ad reaching less people and costing you more.  

Your image may not be catching the attention of the audience, and the easiest way to check this is to split test a couple of different images with the same, or different copy, to see what works best.  

Don’t forget to check your copy! Make sure that you’re calling out the person you’re looking to engage with and ask yourself if you’re clearly speaking to the benefits of what you’re offering, not just the features. Finally, research copywriting to see what works, which can only benefit you in the long run.  

Your targeting may also be wrong, which is why I recommend testing 10 different targets any time that you set up a Facebook ad. By doing this, at least two of them should land successfully.  

If your ads are getting clicked, but aren’t converting, follow these steps:  

1. Make sure the landing page has good copy and only has the option to opt-in on it

2. Ensure your ads match your landing page in terms of color, image and copy. People will expect consistency in your branding and content!  

3. Check that your offer is irresistible, with a compelling freebie such as a min cours, toolkit, checklist or workbook). 



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