HSH 060: Copywriting Tricks to Increase Conversions & Sales

On today’s episode, I’m sharing three copywriting tricks that you can implement in your business to increase conversions. If you’ve been struggling with copy, what to say or how to position your message, then this episode is for you! 

Copywriting is such a powerful tool in business that I truly believe everyone needs to develop on some level. We always want to be honing our skills in this area, even if we sometimes use the services of a professional copywriter when putting out content. 

According to Copyblogger, copy is “the art and science of strategically delivering words, whether written or spoken, that get people to take some form of action.” 

Whenever we write an email or put up a social media post, we want people to take action and the way we persuade them to do this is through our copy. Copywriting is literally EVERYWHERE! 

It’s important to note that copywriting needs to speak to people’s problems and desires, not what you know. In digital marketing, we don’t create solutions, but rather we solve problems. 

Tip #1: Understand problems, actively listen and ask critical questions by using the “So That” exercise

Doing this exercise will, you will get you to your audience’s core problems and desires. Here’s an example of how to do it: 

“I’m teaching you to run Facebook ads so that you can create an automated lead generating system so that you can work less and spend more time with your family” 

When you come across something that can help you create a compelling piece of copy, write it down and then use the exact words that your audiences are using! 

Tip #2: Use The Rule of Three

It’s been proven that saying things in threes is more easily digested and more likely to persuade action. When writing copy for your landing page, condense it down to three bullet points; visitors will process the information a lot better in this format.

We also use the juxtaposition to talk about where our potential customer is right now, where he or she wants to be, and then we guide them to that next step. 

Tip #3: The Us Versus Them Mentality

Let your people know that you are with them and that you should be working together. Going back to the early days of mankind, we as humans have wanted to be included and to exclude people that are different than us. 

This strategy can differentiate you from the competition, but you can soften the approach like I do and just get people to know you want to go on the journey with them. You can also use “Us Versus Them” to challenge clichés like I did with my email on why 6-figures isn’t the answer. You can build credibility with your audience this way, as you’re no longer making suggestions as “the expert” but rather that you are just like them, but with more knowledge and can help. 

There you go! Just like that you now have three copywriting tips that can increase conversions in your business!


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