HSH 061: The Truth About Consistency (And How To Be More Consistent In Business)

Today we’re talking all about how to get consistent with your business.  We’re looking at what consistency really is (and what it isn’t), and I give you three tips that you can use right away to help you in this area. If you struggle with releasing weekly content, getting people on your email list on a regular basis or just showing up in a way that gets you paid, then this episode is for you. 

There’s a consensus amongst a lot of people that consistency is just showing up and posting at a certain time every week, but just doing this doesn’t guarantee you’ll build your business. Consistency is having the systems, tools and ideas in place that ensures everything you do is moving your business forward. 

3 Tips to Improve Consistency

1. Generate leads every single day

This is even more important than building a list, as you need to be making a conscious effort to get in front of your potential buyers every day, in multiple ways. This can be through Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, or a number of different methods. My personal favorite is using Facebook Ads, and I have a daily budget allocated to make sure we’re always running them to push new people in. By bringing in new leads, you’ll have more people to promote to during your next launch! 

Think about 10 ways that resulted in people finding you to opt-in to your email list. Then look at which ones can be automated or delegated. Building this list of 10 things will get you away from doing the same couple all of the time, and will help you escape boredom when generating new leads.

2. Plan months in advance

By focusing on one big project for each month, you’ll not only know what you’re working on, but what you’re working towards. It’s also important to have one thing each quarter that will really bring some revenue in and keep your business profitable. In addition to the big project, you can write down 10-15 tasks that you know will have to get done. 

Consistency is about chipping away at the big project for the month, every single day. If you’re not actively moving towards a goal, you’re in motion, but if you’re actively moving towards the goal, it’s forward motion. It’s a slight difference, but makes a world of difference! 

3.  Getting systems and processes in place

I admit that I put up a lot of resistance to this one before I hired my first assistant, but it was the best thing I ever did for my business. Delegating is what allows you to give someone else the work that you struggle with, but in order to do that, you’ll need systems and processes. 

The next time you’re doing something that is taking up too much time, you can record it so that you can provide easy instructions to have the task completed. 

I hope what we discussed in this episode introduces you to the concept of what true consistency is. Missing a week of content or taking a day off doesn’t make you a bad person or mean that you run a bad business – it means you are human! Go out and practice these tips and remember that the goal is not perfection, but to be a little better and a little more consistent than you were yesterday.