HSH 030: Make More Money With Your List in the Next 90 Days With Jason Van Orden

Jason Van Orden helps influencers and thought leaders turn expertise and ideas into courses, content and automated systems that amplify their income and impact. In this episode, he shares how you can optimize, scale and grow your business while decoding strategies like audience surveys, segmenting your email list and so much more. 

When it comes to getting the most out of your email list, Jason recommends optimizing lifetime income, or impact (“LTI”). Some clients will be with your for months, and some for even years, but by maximizing your relationships with them it will grow your brand and presenting new opportunities. 

He also notes that there is almost always money being left on the table in a transaction. By speaking with a mentor, mastermind group or trusted friend, and having them look at your business, you can see what you’re missing and have any knowledge gaps filled in. 

This exercise will allow you to also determine what is the “low hanging fruit” in your business, and what you can optimize immediately. 

He feels that marketing is nothing more than wanting to have the most relevant, resonant and remarkable conversation with every single customer that comes into your world. 

To identify your avatar, or sub-avatar, as it could be combination of many different traits, determine what it is that is sending them to look for a solution. 

Everything starts with lead generation through building your email list, but today there is a lot of noise from entrepreneurs wanting to get the attention of the same people that you want to attract to your brand. 

Jason shares that you now need 4 or 5 different offers or lead magnets that hit the front end pain points of your prospects. 

“Hook them with what they want and then you can bring them around to what it is that they need” 

He recommends that business owners regularly check the Google Analytics for their websites to see what are the top visited pages. This will help to determine what content to put in front of people. 

“At the end of those opt-ins, you’re likely going to want to have the perfect offer to continue that same conversation”

Optimizing at the front end of the process will pay dividends. For example, if you increase your landing page conversion by 3%, that will compound the results throughout your sales funnel. 

“Often I do start looking at the front end because those gains trickle through and affect everything else that happens after” 


Another thing that Jason feels is needed in the auto response sequence is to point out to the prospect the cost of not starting something. 

He uses the term “self-efficacy”, which is the ability to produce a desired or intended result. In other words, your belief in your own abilities to overcome that challenges that come your way to reach the outcomes that you want. He also shares that a person needs to believe in the ability of the person that he or she is purchasing from. 

Testimonials and case studies are an important component of any sales sequence. 

“One of the most powerful ways to get people to believe in themselves is to tell a story of somebody that they perceive as being just like them” 

Jason says that segmenting your list to see what is the most appropriate thing to launch to each is an effective technique. 

“(With a list of 1,000 people or more), you can probably have two or three sub-segments; so start talking to them differently.” 

One thing people can do in the next week to create forward momentum in their business is to identify their sub-avatars. One easy way to do this is to send out a survey to your list, with an open-ended question such as “What is your greatest challenge to _______”). 

“Start looking for the trends; what are the four or five things that just keep coming up over and over and over again?” 

Jason notes that he has a love-hate relationship with the word “hustle,” and he prefers to use “consistency.” 

“Success for me is having a clear vision of what you want your life to look like. Focus on the right strategies to get you there, then consistently execute.” 


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