HSH 022: How to Add Your First (or Next) 100 People to Your Email List

Show Notes

Heart, Soul & Hustle has added over 10,000 active subscribers to our list since starting, and in this episode, we share the ways you can start building your list - today!

You may have heard that “the money is in the list”, but I believe it’s more “the potential money is in the list.” What I’m doing here is helping you build your potential power. 

You have to be ready to get behind this potential power and use it, whether it is with a launch, a webinar or some other product. 

There are four pieces to start building your list: 

1) Create great content that solves a problem

The issue with a lot of lead magnets and freebies is that they’re really solutions, and not problem-solvers. Look at what you can give away for free and ask yourself if it’s something that people actually want. 

How do you know if it solves a problem? You can use the “Ask Method” and go to your list to determine what their biggest struggle is when it comes to marketing. You could also offer free 15-minute consults for your industry and pay attention to the struggles you’re hearing, or you can go into Facebook groups and search for keywords related to your topic. People are asking for you to create what they want. 

There are ways to create a cohesive offer that’s designed specifically based on the potential client’s needs. When you solve a problem for them, even if it’s just a small problem, they know, like and trust you more. This means they are more likely to buy your products. 


2) Do standard promotion

Sometimes, we overlook the value of organic promotion, but it doesn’t have to be just a one-time thing.  After you create your freebie, consider the different platforms you can promote it on and create different posts. Use these posts once a week for three to five weeks and post them. New people are always coming in front of you, and new people are always seeing you. The key is consistent, over time, organic promotion. 


3) Create secondary content

This could be content for Twitter, on your site or a podcast, that’s designed around the freebie. For example, you could schedule out tweets and make your Twitter bio a link that freebie. You want to create awareness so when the organic promotion happens, it’s better received. Tools like Placeit can help you do this by helping you created mock-ups. 

You can also write a blog post about an existing freebie, and in the body of the blog post, link back to the freebie. Amy Porterfield uses this technique often and with great success. 

People are more willing to share free, high-value content. They also want to trust you, before they trust you, which is why providing a free sample of how you can help is so effective. 


4) Advertising

Facebook ads are a great place to start promoting. You can take your organic content and really optimize it with ad dollars.

There are three types of secondary content to promote with Facebook ads: Facebook Live, blog posts and promoting secondary content such as a podcast on a Facebook page. These techniques can increase engagement and create social proof by advertising to people who already know you. 



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