HSH 023: Creating EPIC 5-Day Challenges With Amber McCue

Amber McCue – Show Notes

Amber McCue helps entrepreneurs create businesses that scale! She shares how she did a 6-figure challenge by forming good relationships and executing, and that it’s ok to start small and work your way up. So start where you are, and make it happen! 

Ambers shares that systems are something that Amber likes to use, even in her personal life. By using them in your business though, you can achieve growth with the right foundation in place. By doing so, you can prevent issues when people start coming to you as a result of your marketing efforts. 

She says that it all starts with entrepreneurs stepping into a leadership role with their businesses. Even if you’re just starting and it may take time to get up and running, Amber recommends you start thinking about implementing systems immediately. 

“(Systems) are happening in your business anyways. You can just choose to be intentional about it and have some structure around them.” Systems should be used anywhere something is happening in your business on a regular basis, and she says that systems should be literally “everywhere” you operate. 

She notes that the “do it yourself” mindset is really a middle-class one. People in the self-made millionaire and billionaire categories are outsourcing to people that can do certain tasks even better. Systems like tracking cash flow in your business will start to bring you ease and help you grow much faster, according to research. “Just getting intentional with this stuff, there’s a ripple effect” 

Amber’s Planathon is an annual event she hosts where thousands of entrepreneurs come together for five days to get planning for the new year. “Plan now, so you can celebrate later”. During these five days, she releases five planning videos a day, and invites people to her 9-month program afterwards, called “Freshly Implemented.” 

When doing a challenge, Amber says you build relationships much faster and there’s a lot of momentum within a specific amount of time. “One of my core values is community and (this way) we get community” 

For her 2015 Planathon that occurred in late 2014, she invited 3,300 new people in about 80% joined the Facebook group, resulted in 84 sales of the high-end program. For this launch, she left the cart open longer, for 6 weeks, giving people lots of time to think things through and make sure it was the right program for them.

Amber is highly engaged with her community and tries to respond to every single comment on the videos with a thoughtful response. “I made a really personal connection with those people in that time frame” 

She has a change management background and focuses on where the person is today, and where he or she wants to go in the future. Amber considers her challenge more of an experience or event as a result of the emotional journey people that take part will go on. 

For extra revenue, she offered a digital planner to participants, which resulted in an additional $15,000 in revenue that year. 

For marketing channels, Amber relied primarily on Facebook ads and that year, achieved 72 cents per conversion. She also posted in other people’s Facebook group to promote that challenge. “There are a lot of different ways you can get people in that don’t involve paid traffic” 

She says if you start where you are, it will get the “flywheel” turning and if your marketing resonates with people, you will get a good return on your investment. In order to take action today, she recommends just sitting down and mapping out your plan and getting really intentional about what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it. 

To Amber, hustle means doing whatever it takes to make it happen, but realizing that you can’t hustle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all the time. 



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