HSH 021: Creating Epic Offers & Challenges with Jadah Sellner of Simple Green Smoothies

Jadah Sellner is a community builder, a movement starter, a spoken word poet, international keynote speaker and co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies. She’s helped build a rawkin’ online community on multiple platforms, including 300,000 Facebook fans and 365,000 email subscribers. She's now showing her tribe of world-changing entrepreneurs and dreamers how they can do the same, authentically, over at JadahSellner.com. 

Jadah believes that if any business is compromising your health or your relationships, then it is not a sustainable business model and it needs to change. She and her husband did just that and started over, but this time with the confidence level that wasn’t there previously.

Jadah co-founded Simple Green Smoothies. In just five months of deciding on their business model and creating an Instagram account, they went from zero to 30,000 followers.

 At the time, Jadah was studying online marketing and originally wanted to do an online course with her business; however, she decided that it didn’t really fit the health and fitness industry. Going with a lower price point model allowed her to reach more people, as her goal was to change lives.

“I believe in global impact; reach as many people as possible. There are more people whose lives have been changed because they have experienced our products at an affordable price.”

She says the price point that you feel confident about is very important. Some people that offer products or courses charge $10,000, but they are only reaching maybe 20 people. Jadah’s goal is to reach out to people and changes lives.

Her company is very successful but what she is most proud of is the organic way it developed. In the first two years, with no paid advertising or affiliate promotions, they were able to have massive growth by focusing on extending their tribe with Instagram, Facebook and word-of-mouth advertising


“I just say you can’t automate authenticity and you can’t outsource connection”

Jadah is also working on her personal branding, which has been a dream of hers even before forming Simple Green Smoothies. She has always been passionate about others following their dreams and making it a reality and has always wanted to share any knowledge gained with the world.  She wants to build a community that has the passion to change the world and people that want to be aligned with their business.

“The course I am creating is a step-by-step of how to build your own challenge that you create, promote and launch.”

“The most successful business owners are the ones that focus on transformation, not transactions.”