HSH 012: Mastering the Art of Scaling with Webinars with Casey Zeman

Casey Zeman is the creator of EasyWebinar, an all in one webinar software that does both live and automated webinars (and the tool I use for mine)! On today's show, we're going to talk about evolving your business and becoming more scalable by diving into the power of webinars.

Casey considers himself a “webinar dork” because be feels they have an engagement level that is an evolution from video.

He created a video course in 2011/12 about using YouTube, but says it didn’t sell until he started using webinars to promote it.

His first webinar had bad audio and he now sees he shared way too much content, but he did get good feedback from the participants and knew he was on to something. 

The first time he did a paid webinar with an offer at the end, he did $2,000 in sales on the $200 product, and realized it was something he could scale. He increased his price 50% on the next webinar and ended up doubling his sales. 

When a JV partner advised him to change his value proposition and raise his prices to $997, he sold as many products as he did at the $300 price point. 

“Price doesn’t matter. It’s the value proposition and who you’re targeting.” 

By 2012, Casey had built a list of about 14,000 email subscribers and had revenues of $245,000 that year on one product. 

“You’re always going to have ups and downs, peaks and valleys, in terms of your webinars” 

In his first full year of webinars, he gave affiliates a 50% commission to sell his product, which made a big difference in his success. 

He says that there will be days that you don’t make any sales on your webinars, and because of this, many people will stop doing them. 

“They’ve tried and they feel like they’ve failed. You just have to get back on and try again” 

If you’re three-hour seminar isn’t selling, Casey says to condense it down to one hour in length. He says it’s fine to remove content and put it in your members’ area, or as a paid product. 

“Less is more when you’re looking at webinars” 


He recommends having 30 minutes of content, as any longer, you tend to lose the interest of your viewers. 

“You webinar should be for as long as people can stay there; as long as their interest is peaked.” 

He recommends you think of three to five content pieces, which gives participants a blueprint or strategy, but not everything your paid program does.

 He tries to build a “buzz” around his webinars, and sets the expectation for what people are going to be learning that day. He also hints at his upcoming offerings. He says telling your story helps your viewers relate to you, which in turn, leads to the purchase of what you are selling. 

“Your story should help them grow” 

Casey has realized that the follow-up is where most of your sales will occur, as you introduce a level of scarcity. The encore doesn’t have to be live, and often 75% of your sales will come from running the replay. 

The foundation pieces that need to be in place before you automate your webinar including having done a live webinar before, and having a product or someone else’s to promote. 

Certain tools, like the Logitech C920 camera and the Blue Snowball microphone are inexpensive tools that will make your webinar more professional (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”). 

Casey adds that before automating your webinar, you’ll want to be sure you have something that sells. 

To help develop your webinar content, you can do a survey the viewers and ask questions such as “was it too long?” and “what did you think about the offer”? 

He refers to his automated webinars as “streaming workshops”, and never tries to mislead people into thinking they are actually live.  Automated webinars don’t have the same level of engagement, however he is still able to have viewers email him questions directly.

“I can control the environment more (with an automated workshop), but still have the medium of a webinar” 

Casey shares that the one thing you can do today is decided on what your product does for someone, and build a webinar around that. 

He adds that webinar doesn’t have to sell a product; it can sell a service. 

To Casey, hustle means finding something that you love and work at it while getting excited every single day.

“You can’t hustle if you don’t have the passion” 



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