HSH 011: How To Be a Top Affiliate Even Without a List With Tiffany aka Coach Glitter

Tiffany Lee Bymaster, aka “Coach Glitter” was able to close multiple 5-figure affiliate programs before she even had an email list. In her first year of doing them, she made over $50,000 in some of her biggest promotions. Tiffany is a top-10 affiliate for some of the biggest names in the industry.

She doesn’t have great results like this by accident! Tiffany shows that building really strong relationships with a core group of potential clients allows you to leverage your influence to create massive results.

Tiffany was had been a makeup artist working in film and production for the past 15+ years. Through this work, she met Chalene Johnson and as a result, dove into her own personal development. She realized there was so much more to do and has talents that she didn’t even know existed. 

“Now I strive to help other new entrepreneurs get their voice heard online and really just spread their message” 

She calls her breed of marketing “passion marketing.” She wants people to be able to monetize what they’re doing without waiting until they have a large following to do so. 


“It’s really just telling your friends and being completely genuine and honest. Always have integrity.” 

Tiffany explains that she could be an affiliate for a microphone, a plugin for a Word Press site, shoes or an online academy/course.

She believes it’s really important to be visible with the things you’re learning currently through online courses, so people can see how it’s changing your life or business.

“They see that I’m using social media with a purpose; it’s really word-of-mouth, being that amazing testimonial.” 

In October 2013, the first online affiliate program she participating in resulted in a 6th place for Tiffany, and $17,500 plus bonuses. In May 2014, she participated in her second affiliate program and finished in 4th place, earning $34,000 in affiliate commissions. In Sept 2014, she finished first place, making $40,000 plus bonuses and her latest, in March 2015, earned Tiffany a second-place finish and $81,000. 

Tiffany believes the way she looks at bonuses for people that sign up with her has helped make her more successful. Tiffany didn’t have an e-book, info product or online academy to give away, so she offered membership to a small mastermind group. 

She likes people that ask questions, and actually do the work that is asked of them.

Tiffany’s “Triangle of Success” is: 

  1. “Seed” what you offer – let people know you use it before even offering it.
  2. Create a bonus that doesn’t promise more info, but results
  3. Have strict rules to follow for what programs/products you are an affiliate for


Tiffany’s steps to take for success are: 

  1. Reach out to the company/entrepreneur to see if you can become an affiliate
  2. Let your audience know about the program. Plant the “seed” and credit the results you get to that program. Be a “human billboard” for that product! 
  3. Get your bonuses in line. Your main objective is to help all the people that sign up with your affiliate link.

To Tiffany, “hustle” is a word that has evolved. She use to wear the word like a badge, but now has learned to work smarter, not harder. She doesn’t hustle 24/7 anymore, but there are short “windows” where she has to work really hard.




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