HSH 010: From Introvert to Insanely Visible with Jenn Scalia

Not only is Jenn Scalia is a visibility strategist and business coach who’s been featured in places such as Forbes, Business Insider and Huffington Post, she is a self-proclaimed introvert! She shares with listeners her tips for getting visible, and then the proper steps to prepare for the influx of prospects after this happens. 

Jenn says that being an introvert is the reason why she’s so passionate about being visible. 

“Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, I don’t think it matters. I think it really is a confidence thing.” 

To get out in front of people, she says that she had to let go of her ego, as she was worried about what other people would think of her. 

“I kind of let that stuff keep me stuck and keep me invisible” 

She says the best way to get over this is to create content to get your message out there, whether it is a podcast, blog or creating images on social media. 

“Give value to your audience” 

If you’re creating an opt-in or freebie, she says you will want to make it so good that people would actually pay for it. 

Jenn shares that content has to be strategic, with a call to action which will take potential clients through your funnel, or as she calls it, a “journey.”

It’s important to remember that people are watching you, even if no one is buying or liking/sharing your content. 

“You’re impacting people, you probably just don’t know it. If they’re the right people, your message will be heard.” 

Jenn says that everyone has to start somewhere in business, and you just have to start where you’re at. You can practice by offering free sessions and by training.

“Absorb as much as you can so you can get the knowledge and confidence to go out there and start to teach people.” 

She believes there is a fine line though between feeling like a fraud, and actually being on. It’s ok to be vulnerable and honest about where you are. 

Jenn feels that trying to be perfect and playing like nothing is ever wrong is the wrong approach to take, as people won’t relate to that. 

“Just being real is really what’s going to make you stand out” 

In the beginning, you’ll have to hustle and do what you have to do. Once you’re able to get in the flow and have your systems in place, then you can start to scale your business and it will evolve. 

She says that a lot of people get visible, but then forget about the sales part. Customers aren’t just going to come to you and “beat down your door.” You have to be ready for them and have a plan in place to maximize the opportunities when they come to you. 

“Don’t just wing it. It’s business.” 

She recommends that when getting visible, you need to drive traffic to a landing page that’s relevant and where they can opt-in to your list. A big mistake a lot of people make is that they direct people to their main page, with no clear call-to-action. 

There are two major ways that can help you get a big feature, and increase your visibility. First, you need to build relationships (not just online, but in person), and you’ll need a story, as people love to see that you are a human being. 

As an action step, she advises business owners to create a piece of content that is “kick-ass”, and then tell everyone about it. Make sure it is so good that people would pay for it, even though it is free. 

“Hustle” to Jenn means doing everything possible that you can to get the result that you want, and not making excuses for why things aren’t happening for you. 




www.JennScalia.com/zach (for free gift)

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