HSH 110: How to Get a Professional Sales Page on the Cheap

Are you in the market for a professional sales page, but not looking to spend a crazy amount of money to have one designed for you? You’re in luck, because we recently went through this very process, and today I’m going to share with you the strategy we used to get a great looking sales page - without blowing a big budget.  


New sales pages can easily cost a few thousand dollars, but here is the process that we used to get one designed for the re-launch of my Monthly Marketing Playbook:  


1.Write all your copy first and put in on a Google Doc  

Before you even work with a designer, make sure that you have all of your copy completed. We used a copywriter to do this, which I recommend if you’re able to, but it’s not required to get the results you’re looking for.  


2. Go to 99Designs and set up a new contest  

We set our project up as a contest for a landing page, and selected the Silver Package, which costs $549. We also added on a “Power Pack” for an additional $99, which got us featured on the 99Designs blog, among other bonuses. To ensure we got enough submissions, we guaranteed our contest, which meant that no matter what, we were going to choose a winner. 

You can fill out all the details of what you’re looking for in the design, as well as including a copy of your old sales page for inspiration, which we did. This gives the designers bidding a reference point as they create a new design.  


3. Communicate with the designers  

For a period of about 4 days you’ll receive submissions from interested designers, and we ended up with about 6 submissions from a handful of different people. During this initial round you’re able to communicate directly with each on individually, in real time, as you work towards getting your perfect design.  

Once you choose your top design, you get another 14 days to continue to work with that person to get a finalized design that you’ll use.  


4. Move the Photoshop file to Instapage  

The designer will send you a Photoshop file of the final design, which you’ll move over to Instapage as you prepare to have your sales page go live. Instapage is a landing page creation tool that is a true “drag and drop”, and I recommend you look at hiring someone on Upwork, or through a Facebook group like we did, to complete this step (it cost us under $100).  

As you see, a sales page doesn’t have to be a huge cost that takes a long time, and through this process we were able to get on designed very quickly for under $800!  






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