HSH 111: Fear, Failure & Feelings With James Wedmore

I’ve got a special show for you today, as I welcome back my friend and mentor James Wedmore to the podcast! As you’ll hear from James, there’s a lot more to business than just the latest marketing funnel or advertising hack, and he’s going to challenge what you think you know about achieving success in business.  


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James has been an online business owner for 11 years now, and during this time he’s learned so many lessons. Despite the “failures” he experienced early on, he was shown the possibilities available to online entrepreneurs.  

After releasing his first online product, a course for bartenders, he started using his background in video and YouTube marketing to become known as the “go-to guy” in that niche.  

James felt like he was made for something greater, and he started working with a small group of entrepreneurs, including me, to teach they everything he knew about taking a $97 product to a $1 million plus business, before the days of Facebook advertising.  

Every one of the people in the group dramatically grew their businesses within a year and he knew he was on to something. James wasn’t teaching us a lot about marketing though, but more of what was getting in the way of our success – namely mindset.  


He says that business is actually very simple, and it’s just getting paid to solve problems. Build an audience, and then sell them what they want! He notes that an audience doesn’t have to be huge though, it can even be a small number of people in your Facebook group.  

James feels that most people are trying to operate a business like they’re running up the down escalator. Moving faster isn’t the answer; turning the “escalator” off is. 

Entrepreneurs face a massive amount of resistance, and a major reason is that we were taught in school that we couldn’t move forward until we had all the info. Entrepreneurship is really about identifying the path, taken it and then the next step will illuminate. Action creates clarity, but people often have it backwards!  

Most people aren’t wired for entrepreneurship, but when we start looking at a business differently, things will begin to open up. Not being afraid to make mistakes is key, and “failure” is a complete illusion.  

James loves goals, but he says only when you can detach from them. It’s not the goal that’s important, but it’s the meaning you give to it. For this reason, he focuses only on what he and his team can control.  

Fear and logic are two things that hold many back. People are often hiding in their “busyness” by adding to their to-do list, but really only 5% of activities are directly responsible for 95% of the results in your business. However, James shares that the 5% of activities that really matter are outside of your comfort zone.  

Getting people to like you will not make you money. An influencer’s job is to influence thinking, and not be a people pleaser.  

A new mindset will require discipline, attention and awareness, and achieving your goals will require you to do less, not more. Identify what you need to let go of and let go of it. Anything is possible, 100% of the time, and the only thing getting in the way is ourselves.  Who would you be if you already knew you won the game?   


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