HSH 102: The 4-Step Process to Beat Overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed? On today’s episode I’m talking about what to do when you’re feeling this way, by giving you tactical strategies that you can use to get into a space of productivity!  


1. The list of 3  

Every day I write down 3 things that I want to achieve. These are the tasks that need to get done in the business; like for today recording this podcast, completing a call that will elevate my brand, and doing personal outreach and follow-up for high-ticket sales.  


2. Analyze the tasks  

Ask yourself if you’re really doing high-impact activities, or just staying busy. For example, for someone just getting started, posting on social media won’t give the best return. You need to determine if what you’re doing is generating more leads or making more sales.  


3. Focus on one major project at a time  

By focusing on one thing, you’re not dividing your attention among a bunch of other projects at once, and you’re giving that one big project the attention that it deserves.  

Context switching occurs when you switch from one task to another, losing more time in the process. For example, online marketers tend to think the more often they launch, the more profitable they’ll be, but launching once a quarter makes much more sense than launching every month. I’ve been guilty of this mistake too, which has cost me productivity and success!  


4. Get a virtual assistant to start managing your inbox  

A common belief is that in order to outsource you need to have perfect systems and processes in place. I started by just outsourcing my email inbox, so you can start small and remove some overwhelm in order to get back to focusing on the top tasks of the day.  

There you go! By getting outsourcing and getting ride of a time suck, you can focus on one major project at a time. Create a list of 3 high-impact activities that move you closer to the completion of that one big project, and finally, make sure that all of those things on that list are designed to generate more leads or sales  (or be gearing you up for it). Follow these steps and you’ll be beating overwhelm in no time! 

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