HSH 016: How to Create Unstoppable Momentum with James Wedmore

James Wedmore is THE expert on video, and his name is synonymous with YouTube. In this episode, he shares what you really need to do to move your business forward. Are you ready to create unstoppable momentum in your business?

James started to realize he could profit from a passion after winning his first sale as an entrepreneur. 

“That was the day that changed my life.”

Things grew from there and James became very successful in business. He states the way he stays on track and moves forward with his business is to only build one bridge at a time and focus everything on that by building momentum. 

“Believe 100%; have conviction in whatever bridge you choose to create.”

James says ways to create unstoppable momentum is to change the thoughts, perspectives, views and opinions about success. He says that people were taught that time is money; we trade time to make money, and to make more money we have to work more hours.

 “You want more momentum, you want more money, but you can’t make more time.”

He shares that time really has nothing to do with money, and people need to “break free” from this thinking.

“For me that’s what allowed the momentum to get as big as it did.”

James advises how you get more money for your time. The key is to learn not to price it on what you think people will pay for it and instead price it on your value.

He talks about one of the biggest mistakes that people can make when starting a business:

“A lot of people want to be blindly led, they want to know the steps and how you did it.”

In order for it to work, he believes that people have to stop following the plans of others.

“You can’t be doing stuff that doesn’t light you up, that doesn’t get you excited and doesn’t keep you happy.”

His approach to business is from position with less fear, as well as stepping outside your comfort zone and not caring about what others think.“I don’t care what other people say, it’s not going to keep me from getting mine and living the life I want.”

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