HSH 093: Building Your Business as a Creative Entrepreneur with Jennifer Allwood

I’m super excited to be bringing you my conversation with our guest Jennifer Allwood, the wildly successful entrepreneur who helps other creators like her build their businesses to make more, while working less. You’re going to hear how Jennifer transitioned from her background in decorative painting and has now built and leveraged an amazing following on social media. She gives her best tips and strategies so that you can do the same! 

When Jennifer realized that the only way she could make more money as a painter was by working more hours herself, she decided to take her business online to teach others and offer courses, webinars and more.  

A year after starting her Facebook page, she had made over 6-figures selling videos on how to paint kitchen cabinets and furniture, and she has since shut down her painting business. She now has over 300,000 followers on Facebook and coaches over 2,000 creators each month.  

She shares that most creative people would prefer to do just the making and creating, but they have so many more gifts to offer. No matter how creative someone is, the person absolutely needs to figure out the business side of things to generate an income.  

Jennifer has set up multiple streams of income in her business to ensure that if one is affected, her business can still thrive.  

She advises others to use their social media as a way to teach people and to draw them in to their story. She’s worked really hard to not only talk about business on her Facebook page, but to share personal things. At the end of the day, people will always buy from someone that they know, like and trust!  

Jennifer adds that it’s important for people to diversity as well and to brand themselves, instead of just showcasing what they’re making.  

Facebook is the best free marketing that is out there, but you need to make sure that you’re using it the right way and you’re focusing on one other social media platform (for Jennifer it’s Instagram).  

She feels that one of the keys to Facebook is consistency, and she recommends posting to your business page at least four times a day, as well as doing two Facebook Live broadcasts each week.  

Jennifer credits a lot of her success to her marketing on Facebook over the last four years, as this as added to her credibility and has given her a better reach with the algorithm.  

People shouldn’t resist spending money on Facebook ads. By running Facebook these ads, you’re putting your content in front of people who can benefit from what you’re teaching or selling.  

To Jennifer, the word “hustle” means “scrappy”, or to make stuff happen without waiting for things. It also means being intentional about how we’re working, which benefits us in the long run.  

The one things we can do this week to build our businesses? Go live on Facebook!