HSH 092: 5 Keys to a Successful Lead Magnet

On this episode we’ll be diving into lead magnets, or “freebies”: what works, what converts and what you need to know to create a successful one. I’ll be giving you the 5 keys creating a successful lead magnet, along with examples of what you can use for your own! 

1. It needs to be digestible  

We’ve heard how we should be giving massive value to our audience, but by giving 100-page e-books or huge downloadable files, we overwhelm people. The length or volume of your freebie is not related to its value.  

2. Keep it simple  

Can people take simple action on your lead magnet? If they can easily follow it, they will get results and they’re more likely to want even more from you. The craving is not for more information, the craving is for results!  

3. Make sure it’s relevant  

People won’t download your freebie if it isn’t relevant to their problems and desires. Ask yourself if it solves a problem for the audience; to do this you can see what people are saying on Facebook or survey them. You also have to ensure that your freebie is relevant to your paid offer, in order to turn prospects into paying customers wanting to buy what you are offering.  

4. The Aspirin Effect  

Like an Aspirin pill, your lead magnet needs to create immediate relief for some kind of problem that your audience is having. It shows them that they’re in the right place, working with you before they’ve even invested a single dime.  

5. It needs to be branded  

It isn’t vital to have your brand fully figured out in order to have a branded lead magnet, but you do need things to be consistent. Pick a color and font, and stick with it everywhere that you use your freebie. This can create a sense of trust and authority with your audience. 

Three different freebie options you can use, that work extremely well, are workbooks, checklists and toolkits.  

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