HSH 088: Cultivating a Six-Figure Mindset

I recently surveyed my list to hear what people wanted to learn more about, and overwhelmingly, the answer was “mindset.” I think that mindset is one of the most important parts of building a business, and it all shouldn’t just be about the newest marketing strategy or funnel available to you. On today’s episode I share the shifts I’ve had to make when it comes to my own mindset, in order to continuing achieving a higher level of success! 

1. As you achieve higher levels of success, your goals will be different  

When we first start out, we tend to set goals that are easily achievable and feel realistic to us. As you progress in your business though, the value and positioning of your goals change, and you’ll need to stretch and feel uncomfortable. It’s not just about setting bigger goals though, it’s all about understanding that goals no longer define you or your success.  

2. You have to intentionally feed yourself positive messages  

Here’s an exercise that I learned from a friend. Pick something you could repeat over and over (and over!) again to yourself, and do it while your body is in motion. Motion coupled with thoughts will more strongly cement the belief. Put it on repeat in your mind and it will create great results for you!  

3. Find supportive people to have in your corner  

To do this I joined a mastermind group to lean on during the good, and the tough times. You really are the sum of the people that you spend time with! It doesn’t have to be a mastermind though, and you can also find this support in the communities of the online programs that you purchase, such as Facebook groups. Don’t forget that you’ll also need to be ready to support others as well.  

4. Working on your mindset is the work

So often we think that the way to level up is with some sort of missing strategy. If you don’t have a great mindset though, you won’t achieve great things. 

5. The work is never done  

I don’t run a multi 7-figure business (yet!) and there are days when I wake up with doubt. I remember that it all comes down to having an absolute belief in myself that I can do it, and then continually doing the work outlined in Steps 1 through 4.  



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