HSH 071: How to Fill Your Webinar, Challenges and Live Launches

On today’s show, we’re talking all about how to fill your webinars, challenges and live launches with leads so that when you launch your next product, service or offer, you’ve got eyes on it – and people that are converting!  

The strategies I’m sharing are more advanced, but the thing is that everything I talk about can be done at a different level, regardless of where you are in your business.  

My first launch with Heart, Soul & Hustle was relatively small compared in terms of revenue compared to what we do now, but we still used many of the same strategies that are in our launches now.  

Steps to generate more leads in your launch:  

1. Get clear on the offer  

This is a big trend that I’m seeing as I study marketing; make sure that what you’re getting people to sign up for actually resonates with them! Before starting to drive traffic, ask yourself these questions: what major problems are my audience experiencing right now? Do I clearly offer a solution to the problems in the way I’m presenting my launch? Have I showed the benefits of joining me in this launch, or simply the features? Did I base what I’m sharing on my knowledge and experience or on what my customers are asking for?  

2. Promote your launch  

I like emailing my list, as it’s an asset that I own and it has the people who are most engaged with my message. We like to do three primary emails:  the story email, the logical email and one to the last minute people, a few days before the launch. These three emails really make the foundation of the invitation to my audience.  

3. Advanced promotion  

For us step, we mainly use Facebook advertising. There are different phases to this, and we start by testing a number of ads 10 to 13 days out from the launch. We then ramp up the spend on the converting ads, slowing increasing it 50% every 24-48 hours. You have the option of spending as much as you can beyond these guidelines, but make sure your cost per lead stays in the acceptable level (which is why it’s so important to know your numbers and have solid stats)!  

4. Leverage social engagement

I love challenges because they allow me to do this very well. A few things you can do to maximize your results include making sure it’s easy for people to invite their friends on your thank you page, by encouraging participants to get accountability partners for the challenge and to always make sure that you’re creating sharable and actionable content.  

Whether you’re going into your first launch or your 10th one, these strategies can (and do) really work! You can scale up as you go, but no matter where you’re at, start testing and trying these strategies out in your business. The more you can do this, the more you’ll find your unique voice and the more results you’re going to get in your launches! 

Zach SpucklerComment