HSH 042: The 5 Major Missteps & Mistakes From My Six Figure Launch (And How to Prevent Them)

In this episode, we are talking about five major missteps that I made during my 6-figure launch; how they happened, why they happened and how you can use this information to make sure your next launch is a total success! 

If you missed last week’s episode, we talked about how in our latest launch we did about $130,000 in sales, with $90,000 in profit. 

What I’ve found is that when you really get clear with what’s not working, you can make what’s working for you do ever better. 

The five major missteps we made were: 

1) Confusing people with our content

On Day 4 we launched an assignment to participants, but we immediately got messages that they were confused. If you give too much information, or the information you give is too advanced or your audience, you can overwhelm people. In order to fix it, we had to figure out why they were confused. We created a worksheet on the fly and posted that the content was confusing. By acknowledging this, it allows people to expect it and makes the confusion less likely to derail them. We asked them where they got lost so that we could get them back on track before continuing, and we then created a livestream inside the group. For our next launch, we noted where the confusion was happening so that it won’t be repeated again! 

2) We accidently launched during the election

Once we realized this happened, we had to be sensitive to the political climate. This sort of thing can happen in any launch, and not necessarily just with an election but perhaps a holiday for your audience. If this happens to you, you must first decide if you are going to keep launching through the event; you can ask your community and in this instance, a lot of our people were craving normalcy. You then must consider if you are going to adjust the launch dates, or extend the launch, and what is being lost because of a date misstep. 

3) We didn’t prepare enough content in advance of the launch

Next time we will make sure to have an external promotion to touch the audience that isn’t signed up for the promo, which will prevent losing organic traffic. We’ll also have a social media calendar so that we know what’s going out each day. 

4) Running out of time during launch

I had decided that I would take some time each day to personally reply to comments, which ended up being hundreds a day. This took several hours each day, so next time we will bring on additional team members to help manage the comments. Entrepreneurs tend to underestimate how much time tasks are going to take during a launch, but the key is to be agile and able to pivot at any point. You must also make the transition from “worker bee” to CEO. Ask yourself what pulls you away, on a daily basis, from getting the work that needs to get done 100% completed. 

5) We didn’t test the launch enough

From a technical perspective, we were doing some sophisticated stuff, and things were happening like people signing up and not getting a confirmation email. Start thinking about how you can be putting the systems in place to be testing your launch before it happens. It’s important to note that the issues didn’t destroy our launch, and during any launch some sort of technical issues will arise. 

As you can see, we made some big mistakes, but we still got some big results. The biggest mistake you can make is not going for it! 


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