HSH 043: 4 Tweaks We Made To Double Our Launch to Six-Figures

Welcome to the third and final part of the launch series on the Heart, Soul & Hustle Podcast! This week we are going to be diving deep into some of the tweaks we made in order to double the size of our latest launch. Want to know how you can take your launch to the next level? It’s all here on today’s show! 

1) We created specific launch experiences

When people signed up for the launch, in the first email they received we asked specifically why they were taking part. Was it because they didn’t have a list? Not selling their products? Were they wanting to sell more of their products or take their business to the next level? Depending on the way they answered, they would receive a different case study or bonus, which made them feel like we were listening and creating an experience that was more specific to them. 

2) We expanded our Facebook ad budget, from a statistical perspective

For this latest launch we budgeted about $25,000, but remember that you’re not going to spend this amount of your first launch (in fact, I believe I spent just $100 on ads for my first one)! We created an entire ad marketing plan, which resulted in a huge amount of data that we could use, including what was our cost per lead, earnings per lead, conversion rates and more. We then just had to plug in the numbers to see what we needed. I also brought in somebody to help me with the Facebook ads and we used each other as sounding board for this launch. It’s not just about spending more money on ads, it’s about being systematic as you scale up! 

3) We used affiliates

For this launch we paid others to promote our products, but it wasn’t just anyone. We selected 8 people from our audience, students who had used the program with and had great results. This resulted in about $20,000 in sales for the launch! To make the use of affiliates the most effective that it can be, you need to make it easy for those people to promote you. For this reason, I created a ton of content for them to use, including ads and social media images and email copy, as well as providing them with our posting schedule. 

4) We stacked launch elements

We used a 5-day challenge along with a series of webinars, which worked extremely well in terms of webinar conversion rates, attendance, and engagement. On Friday we offered a free webinar, which also generated new leads after the 5-day challenge was over, as well as allowing more time for people to decide if they wanted in or not. 

Keep in mind that the more complex your launch is, with more moving parts, the more that could go wrong. For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend implementing all of these tweaks at once, especially if this is your first, second, or even third launch. Every launch though you should adjust and try new things while keeping what already worked from the previous launch.

To get to the next level, start where you are and build on it. Every time you launch is an opportunity to up-level! 


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