HSH 035: Maximize Your Hustle (And Maybe Work Less)…

“Hustle” is integral to our brand here, but what exactly is it? More importantly, how do we bring hustle into our businesses and maximize it, without killing ourselves in the process? In this episode, I share five actionable steps that you can take today to do this! 

The word “hustle” comes from a Dutch word meaning “to shake or toss”, which fits in well with the movers and shakers of the online world. Some definitions are more aggressive, such as “to obtain by forceful action or persuasion.” To us, hustle is really about having “busy movement and activity.” As a definition, we like “focusing on really strategic action, movement and in a specified direction.”  

People often pride themselves on being busy; with the thought being if you’re working more, you’re earning more; if you’re working more, then you’re worth more.  This thought is flawed and more work, especially online, doesn’t mean you’ll make more money; it just means you’re working more. 

I’m at a point in my business where I can work less and I’m very intentional with my work. Although I’m not working until 2 AM every day any more, there are still times where I am busier and putting in more hours. 

Five steps to maximize your hustle: 

1. Ask why you’re doing this (are you in alignment)? 

Are you actively working against what you want, like spending more time with family or traveling? If so, what needs to change to bring it back into alignment? 

2. Find your “20%” 

The Pareto Principle says that 80% of the results that we get come from only 20% of the activities we do. If you’re just “busy working” 80% of the time, you can cut this work out and still retain most of the money that you’re making. 

3. Outsource and automate

After finding you’re 20%, you’ll know exactly what you can get somebody else to do. Some things won’t be able to be outsourced, but a good amount could be, and you can always do some of the front-end work (such as writing emails and Facebook ads) and automate the back-end tasks. 

4. Expand with gratification

It’s easy to get sucked in and addicted to working. Make sure that the new opportunities you are presented are actually moving you towards what you want. Do you have the time, space and latitude to take it on? If not, say “no” which will let you complete more of what you really need to get done. 

5. Lead with the passion

Check in with why you started your business in the first place. For me, it’s a passion for more freedom; both for myself and my clients. By doing this, you can hustle more and have it feel like less! 


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