HSH 034: Six Steps to a Successful Flash Offer

Flash sales, or one-day sales, can help close the gap between launches or challenges but also boost revenue, test your software or simply just test your product. In this episode, I look at the six steps to a successful flash sale, along with considerations to keep in mind along the way! 

There are six different steps to a successful flash sale, but to be clear having a flash sale doesn’t mean you need you discount your product or service at all.

You can add a bonus, or you can open the cart temporarily. There are many ways that you can create a flash offer without actually putting your product on sale.

There are six steps I use to prepare of a flash sale are:

  1. Outline the offer clearly
  2. Start to tease your offer|
  3. Define the intensity
  4. Create all of your material in advance
  5. Pull the trigger and monitor
  6. Deliver on your promise

The flash sale can be used as an early bird special to receive or offer a bonus to the sale to give extra value without discounting your price.

When outlining the offer, be sure to consider these three things: What’s the price going to be? What’s the reason to join now and what is the deadline on that offer?

Teasing your offer is an effective way to start the flash sale before the countdown actually beings. There are many tips here for advertising and promoting that you can use! 

Depending on the outcome you are wanting from your sale, you need to define the intensity.  Are you doing this because you need revenue or wanting to test your systems? The answer to this can help you define the intensity of the promotions needed.

When planning your flash sale having your material prepared is key to organization and to automate your posts and Facebook ads - create your materials in advance.

Before pulling the trigger, I like to prep myself before I go into the 24-hour flash sale by following a “Good, Better, Best” goal system. .

Most customers taking advantage of your flash sale have not worked with you before so delivering on your promises is critical. When I say deliver, I mean making the customers feel really good about working with you!