HSH 032: Building a Business That Feeds Your Soul with Leimomi Keliikuli

In this episode, we talk with Leimomi, who took our Rock Your Live Streams training and leveraged it to build a 6-figure business, in an amazingly short period of time. She shows that when you really lean into the things that leave you gratified at a very deep level, more fulfilment and success are practically a given! 

Leimomi says that the work she does now shows people how they can really have it all. She used to be a psychic monk, doing reading and clearings but left to start her own business. 

“I basically left my title, status and everything when I found that what I was doing was really no longer in alignment with my soul”

Leimomi married her soulmate and retired him from his 9-5 job, growing her business to 6-figures. 

She believes strongly that everyone has a specific soul-level gift that they’re meant to express in this world. 

When she launched her first webinar, she just knew that it would be successful, as she would be doing what she loves to do. It got her over 60 clients, and resulted in an $80,000 launch. She started doing webinars every day and is now in the process of scaling her business. 

Using the Akashic records, she Leimomi is able to figure out what a person’s dream business would look like and the characteristics that your personality is supposed to show off in the world. 

“When you really are in alignment with the way (that) your soul is designed, everything in your life will start to become abundant” 

She shares that every soul is an amazingly original type of spectrum, which she categorizes into 8 types of energy. Of these, there’s usually a primary and secondary energy our souls are comprised of. 

“When you apply that energy into your life and business, that’s when abundance starts to flow” 

Leimomi says that although people think that spirituality is complicated, it’s actually “super simple.” It’s just taking the energetic qualities of what you want to create.

In her previous job, she didn’t realize that she was doing too much work around divine creation. When she left and became an entrepreneur, she discovered that her true gift is that she’s a healer. 

“I heal people at a very different level to clear their soul-level blocks” 

Leimomi read over 1,000 people in a year, which is how she got to really know people and their energy centers. 

“I could see what it was that was blocking them energetically because I could see what they were not aligned too”

She notes that there are very particular words that your soul wants to express, which she refers to as “power soul words.”  As well, if you start using some of these words in your copy, you will notice that you will attract the right people that need that type of energy from you. 

When you’re not in alignment, you’ll feel like you’re hustling, trying to get content out, and it’s just not flowing. She also says that you will feel very tired or fatigued when not in alignment. 

The one thing people should do this week to move themselves and their business forward is to choose that one energetic quality that they know their soul is. What are the things that you stand for and why is this so important to you? Decide what you want to create and write down a list of the things that would make you feel aligned energetically. 

To Leimomi, hustle is all about ease and flow, and doing things on purpose because you want to do them and they align to your soul. 


Leimomi Keliikuli

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