HSH 033: Troubleshooting Facebook Ads Step-By-Step

Over the last several months, we’ve done some big stuff over at Heart, Soul & Hustle, and there’s been A LOT of buzz about Facebook ads in our community. In today’s episode, I share my simple troubleshooting system for what I do when my ads aren’t working. If you’re having trouble getting your Facebook ads to convert – this show is for you!

Finding out why your Facebook ads are not working should be your first step when exploring new ways to have your Facebook ads convert for you. There can be many things to take into account, copy, images, offer, and more, but I boil it down for you to these three things: Are your ads delivering? Are you getting clicks? Are they converting?

“There are only three steps in this process. People see the ad, they click the ad and they convert.”

When talking about manual bids and the auction option in Facebook it is recommended that unless you fully understand how the manual option works your selection should be the auction option. This option will automatically optimize for the best cost.

Reaching a large enough audience is also a necessity. Make sure you are reaching at least 50,000 people, unless you are super-niched or are targeting your warm audience. 

Running multiple Facebook ads to multiple targets with the same campaign, but with a good amount of ad sets, will help you test different factors of your ads. If two ads are running and one is not converting, I now know that it is just a traffic and availability issue and it is nothing that I have done from my advertising perspective.

The final step to discovering why your ads are not delivering is to contact Facebook support. 

Clickthrough rates need to be examined. The reality is a 1.5% link clickthrough rate is really good. If you are under 1% link clicks, then this may be a sign that you need to address why you are not getting clicks.

To do that, it is suggested to switch out your images on your ad sets. If you do not find a difference, your weak point may be in your copy. Only change either the images or copy at a time, that way you can determine which is creating the problem.

The last step is checking your target. A target is simply the page or the interest that you are running the ads to.

If customers are still not converting and you have gone through the previous steps, you need to analyze if your ads and your landing page match. The visual coordination between the two is important, as potential customers need to know they have ended up at the right place.

When it comes to conversion rates on your landing page, your goal should be 30-40% plus. Directing your potential client to a landing page versus a blog for example is a more direct way of conversion. When directed to a landing page, the customer only has two choices: opt-in or don’t.

Last but not least, your offer has to stand strong; the amount of time put into the offer is not the winning factor of a good offer.

Remember, the key is that you give people really actionable, quick insights to whatever problems you solve.


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