5 Reasons You’re Not Making Money With Your Facebook Ads

By now you’ve probably come to terms with the fact that Facebook ads can be a major business booster.

But you’re mind is still racing.  

How do I NOT blow all my cash?  

Can I even AFFORD this?


Over the past few years I’ve studied Facebook Ads extensively and spend thousands tweaking, testing, and perfecting my systems.

I’ve worked with 6 & 7-figure business owners on their Facebook ads, as well as scaling my own company beyond six-figures in the first year.

I think it’s safe to say I know I think or two about Facebook Ads (and where people are blowing money on them).

So in today's post I wanna break down 5 reasons you might be losing money on your Facebook Ads.

What I’m going to show you is…

  1. Why your like campaign isn’t putting food on the table
  2. The MAJOR mistake with testing that almost EVERY newbie marketer makes (and how to avoid it)
  3. The problem with “big ideas” and “get it done” attitudes around Facebook Ads
  4. The REAL reason know is paying attention to the ads that you’re spending good money
  5. Why you're only making HALF of what you could be, and spending TWICE as much to do it!

Let’s do this…


#1 - Like Campaigns Are A Newbie Nightmare

I was recently talking to a new client who wanted to get a ton of likes on their page so people “trusted” them.

I chuckled for a moment and then said…

“I made $200,000 before I even had 4,000 likes - likes don’t pay your bills”

I’m not sitting here saying that you should NEVER campaign to get likes on your page - but the fact is most newbie marketers try to get likes for social proof. 

But Social proof isn't everything.

Social proof doesn’t mean that people will buy from you - in fact it just means your popular!  I have this saying…

“Profitable over popular”

Yes those likes are important, but when you’re just getting start building your list and making sales is way more important

How Rock Your FB Ads Helps You Avoid This: Inside of Rock Your FB Ads we have an entire module designed to teach you how to determine WHAT ads you SHOULD be running at this point in your business.

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#2 - Running an Ad isn’t Really “Testing”

Let me share a convo that I have at least once a week…

Potential Client: Facebook Ads don’t work…

Me: How many ads have you run?

Potential Client: Just one or two at $5 a day, but NOTHING is happening...

Me: Ugh…


Here’s the thing - testing is VITAL to your success as a business owner (in Facebook ads, and in other areas).  

And testing can be a challenge because it does require a “step-by-step” process and a little bit of discipline.

In order to know if your ad works, you need to test ONE ad across AT LEAST 10+ different targets and monitor them for 24-48 hours.  Only THEN do you know what’s working and what isn’t.

How Rock Your FB Ads Helps With This: Inside of Rock Your FB Ads we have an entire training on the testing formula I personally use and teach to all of my high-level clients.  Testing isn’t about “intuition” it’s about a system - and we’ve got it for you!

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#3 - Just Because You Have "Big Ideas" & Want a $10k Launch….

Since we’re having fun talking about conversations I have ALL THE DANG TIME let’s address another one.

It goes a little something like this…

Potential Client: I’m planning a $10,000 launch!

Me: What’s your ad budget and lead goal?

Potential Client: I’m just gonna spend like $500 and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Me: But that’s not really a plan...

Before I ever plan out a launch, challenge, funnel, ANYTHING I set goals and targets so I KNOW how much i need to spend on ads.

Big companies know what their ad spend will do to their bottom line, and so should you!  

Don’t just pick a number at random, CALCULATE how many leads you need, how much you need to spend, and what your expected profit margin is.  


How Rock Your FB Ads Helps With This: Inside of Rock Your FB Ads you’ll get access to “profit plans” where you can take YOUR UNIQUE NUMBERS and spit out exactly how much you need to spend on ads.  Stop guessing and start building a business.

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#4 - The REAL reason, could be that your ads are just unappealing...

Listen I totally get it, when you’re just starting you don’t have $10,000 for that AMAZING branded photo shoot with the stylist, and the art director.

Shoot even when you hit the six-figure mark it’s still a BIG MAJOR SCARY investment.

But let’s keep it 100…  These iPhone pics of you aren’t gonna cut it in the FB ads world.  And copy is super important too.

Now… don't panic...

All you need is a combination of polished stock photos, maybe a headshot or two (though not required), and powerful headlines in your copy and images.

It’s an art and a science - but trust me - all you need to do is make you pictures stand out with good colors and composition, couple them with compelling copy, and send your ads out to the world!

How Rock Your FB Ads Helps With This: Rock Your FB Ads includes a bonus training on creating compelling images, and an entire video training on writing GREAT copy.  So your images and copy will capture, captivate, and convert your audience!

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#5 - How to Double Your Profits From Facebook Ads with Retargeting Ads

Woah, DOUBLE your profits - that’s a bold statement huh?

Well, using retargeting ads has done just that for us in MULTIPLE promotions, and we’ve seen the same pattern in our students!

Now real quick, what is a “retargeting ad”?

You know when you go to Amazon.com, you look at that one thing you WANT but you don’t really NEED… then it follows you around Facebook until you finally buy it?

That’s a retargeting ad and not only are the CHEAP but they are EFFECTIVE!

When you have a segment of your audience that has already showed they are interested in an offer it makes sense to market to them with ads!

Retarget ads can bring people back to your sales page, turn your past readers into future webinar watchers, and lower your lead and sales costs in major promotions!

How Rock Your FB Ads Helps With This: Module 4 of Rock Your FB ads shows you EXACTLY how to create your retargeting audiences so that you next promotion is even MORE profitable than you previously though possible!

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Now can I ask you something…

Let’s keep the party (and the convo) going! Drop your comment below with…

#1 Which tip/trick resonated with you the most?

#2 Did you learn anything new about advertising with Facebook ads?