HSH 018: Mastering (Sleaze Free) Virtual Summits with Navid Moazzez

Navid Moazzez – Show Notes

Navid Moazzez helps entrepreneurs create, promote and profit from virtual summits to skyrocket their businesses and brands online. He has a totally different philosophy about virtual summits, and has been behind amazing ones from some of the biggest names. Whether you’re looking to do one of your own or not, there are mad value bombs dropped in this episode that you don’t want to miss! 

Navid jumped into the online space by creating his blog and doing interviews with big names. From there he launched a podcast, also hosting big names, but he was not bringing in much for cash flow. That is when Navid to decided to get into virtual summits.

“I could still interview people and leverage their expertise and their branding AND create an amazing event.”

Navid’s first virtual summit earned him 3000 subscribers to his email list and over $20,000 in revenue. He decided to take that $20k and quit his job and move abroad to start coaching others on virtual summits.

He explains some dos and don’ts when reaching out to influencers for your summit. Navid says build your relationships first. Don’t start out a relationship based on a transaction. Build a strong, solid relationship and don’t lead in with an ask. 

“Figure out a way to make it a win-win and very beneficial for them to be a part of it. You have to build these authentic powerful relationships with influences and other people in your industry before you actually need them. Already be on their radar.”

Navid explains how beneficial virtual summits can be not only to a personal brand but to many other types of businesses as well. The key is to have a specific topic.

“This is definitely something that you should be paying attention to; big marketing websites are saying this is one of the best ways to get highly engaged subscribers.”

Navid says something you can do right now to start moving your business forward is to keep building the authentic relationships whether you are doing summits or not.

“Make a list of five to ten different influences or even other people, and reach out to them”

Always remember that if they helped you, share a genuine compliment and don’t ask for anything in return. Finally, he says to not expect anything in return.

To Navid, “hustle” really means showing up in everything that you do. 



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