HSH 019: Selling Your Offers With Authentic & Honest Branding with Jamie J.

Jamie Jenson – Show Notes

In this episode, Jamie Jenson discusses how to scale a business and write copy (with an authentic voice). She’s achieved amazing results for her clients and uses her previous comedy writing skills to hone in how she writes copy that converts like crazy! 

Jamie really believes that her business needs to be fun. She feels if something is not fun then it isn’t worth doing. She believes that having fun with your sales copy will result in potential clients engaging on what you’re trying to reach them with.

Jamie was able to scale up her own business while maintaining her authenticity.  Her background in screenwriting already gave her a voice, and it helped her market herself.

“So when I built my brand that kind of just came with me, and there was this element of shock value comedy.”

Jamie knew it was time to scale up her business and bring on additional team members when she started feeling overwhelmed. When you become overwhelmed, there is a bigger chance that your quality could diminish, and she wasn’t going to let that happen.

“It became clear to me it was time to raise the prices, scale up and get help. Even just so I wasn’t creatively tapped out because as a writer, there is really only so much you can do at your best.”

Jamie talks about how to market yourself and how to find out what is actually marketable about you. Her advice is to ask; find out from other people what they like about you or what is special about you.

As Jamie explains how to apply different writing skills to your copy, she gives one piece of advice:

“People need to get used to sitting down and writing without stopping and not editing themselves off the bat. Writing and editing are two different brains, writing is emotional and editing is logical and you actually can’t do both at the same time.”


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