HSH 001: Sales Call Strategies that Close $250k a Year with Aandra Bohlen

Aandra Bohlen is the Founder of Biz B.A.B.E.S. and creator of Ring to 'Cha Ching an online program that teaches business owners how to cash in on discovery calls!

Aandra Bohlen has been in sales for 26 years, owning her own business for 8 years and doing about $500,000 in annual revenue. She has done this all by doing what a lot of entrepreneurs are afraid to do – pick up the phone! 

Aandra explains that like her, everyone has been in sales for all of their lives. 

“We’ve been doing (sales) since we were little ones. When we were negotiating with our parents to get our way, that’s sales.” 

She says that sales is about creating a connection and basically driving your prospect to where you want them to go. 

There’s a myth, or perception, that sales is sleazy. It’s her mission to debunk this myth and teach people how to develop a different relationship with sales.

“Sales is the opportunity to create an open relationship to listen to what somebody needs and really understand what their pain points are.” 

Aandra’s first job was in telemarketing. When she started, she just knew it would be calling people and asking if they wanted something, while hoping they said yes. 

“What I quickly recognized was that sales is really about building relationships, listen to what is beyond spoken and making sure you have the answer later.”

In her corporate role, she was able to teach people to know the difference between an objection and a condition. 

“Sometimes you have to dig deeper to get beneath that”

She had a staff of over 700 employees and was responsible for monthly budgets in the millions of dollars. She eventually decided to develop her own brand of freedom, teaching online businesses how to develop a robust plan for their businesses, how to sell and how to build confidence while growing their mindset.

“I’m really helping them implement actionable steps that can move their business forward” 

Aandra shares “conversion” isn’t a bad word, and it isn’t always about dollar values. When entrepreneurs participate in Facebook groups, they are creating a connection. 

“There’s a conversion mechanism involved in everything” 

When you’re passionate about what you’re doing and how you’re showing up,  Aandra states that gives you permission to be more persuasive.

“There’s a difference between persistence and being pushy. Pushy means you’re not listening, persistence means you’re responding to the call.” 

She considers a sales/discovery call, a “discernment call.” It’s an opportunity for you to decide if that person is a good fit for you, and if you’re a good fit for them. 

Three things should happen on a discernment call: the prospect buys, you disqualify them or you give them something to do to make them sales ready for the next time. 

The call shouldn’t be pitch, presentation or “interrogation.” 

What you do before a sales call is a very important piece, so you’re going into the call fully present and engaged. Aandra advises entrepreneurs to get grounded and centered in the moment. To do this, you can take deep breaths, as well as visualizing the desired result of the call. 

A common mistake entrepreneurs make is not asking for the sale. As well, a “trial close” should be attempted and the prospect should be telling the client what’s going to happen next. 

Aandra’s biggest piece of advice to people is to start looking at the opportunities that are already in front of you. 

To her, the word “hustle” means “grit” and never giving up. People that display this characteristic allow the momentum of their mission to carry the forward.

Aandra has two upcoming courses, with details available on her website (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”). One will teach people how to create connections and grow their businesses by working Facebook groups, and the other course will focus on discovery calls. 



www.AandraBohlen.com (main website)    

www.AandraBohlen.com/Chaching  (to sign up for course waiting list)

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